Disney Rewards

I was wondering if there is a list of WDW restaurants that accepts Disney Reward Points. These are the point through Chase. I know they can be used on merchandise but I had also heard they could be used on food.


I have used rewards points for dining over the last seven years. I have used them at CS, TS and food boths at Epcot festivals. I have used them when TiW and DP cannot be used ( Epcot Wind Down). I have used them in combination with cash ( using up a card and then paying cash). I have split a check with my sister using DP and I used rewards. I have never found any place on a Disney property that would not take it.

Thanks! I’m not so good with the acronyms but it sounds like they are good at most places.

The only place I found that would not take it was one of the kiosks out on the Boardwalk. Otherwise any place I’ve been to takes it. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re doing a sit-down restaurant and decide to use the card for the tip, don’t over-spend the card or the wait staff will get shorted. (What I tend to do is tip in cash if I pay with my rewards car for sit-down meals.)