Disney reward points

Hi, are reward points the same as dollars? For example, if I was told I was getting 500 reward points on my account, would that be the same as as $500 disney gift card?

From the Disney visa?

Yeppers and as always thanks @Outer1 of your quick response.

Not quite. A Disney Gift Card doesn't expire. The Reward Points do expire. And once you transfer them to a Reward Card (so you can actually use them) the card itself has an expiration date, which is probably sooner than the points' expiration date had been.

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That part I get. smile My husband was telling me not to think I was actually that much money though if someone said they were giving me 500 Disney reward points. I said I really think I am. That pays for our tips (and more) on the deluxe dining plan so needless to say I am thrilled.

Note: I had a problem with my card and for my trouble the Disney card rep said she would give me 500 reward points. That's where this is coming from.

Yes, you can use 500 Disney rewards points as 500 dollars at Disney.

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Sorry got distracted lol... I haven't cashed any rewards in yet so mine still show as a dollar value. I need to have an issue with my card if that's what they did sheesh lol.

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