Disney Reservation Question

Hi all! I booked a vacation for my 14 year old daughter and I for a surprise graduation present. We check in May 14th. I’m supposed to have it paid off in full by April 13th. Will Disney cancel if i cant pay the balance until the 27th? I’m working overtime, but still think I’ll need an extra week or two max. Rooms are scare and I’m afraid if it gets canceled there will be no rooms I can afford. If I try to rebook it as a room only can I pay the balance when we check in? Thank you!

I’ve known them to give a little grace here and there but not 2 weeks. I think it will be cancelled for non-payment and you’ll lose your deposit

If you manage to rebook as room only you’ll have until 5 days in advance to cancel without penalty, and balance will be due on arrival

But your tickets will cancel along with your park reservations if you’re booked as a package so I’d be super careful about this.

If she buys tickets before she cancels the package, or at least immediately after she cancels, her park reservations should be OK.


If you charge it to a credit card, your bill won’t be due until later. Wouldn’t that give you time to pay the balance?

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Hi Jennifer. I don’t have any credit cards. In only pay with my debit cards or gift cards for Disney.

I would call Disney and explain your problem. If you pay as much as you can up front, I would bet they will extend you for the difference.

Because Disney is so hard to get a hold of I would use a TA to help you with your problem.

A TA won’t be able to help at this point as the reservation cannot be transferred to a TA after 30 days from original booking date.

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