Disney requires vaccines

…for all employees.

“Disney to require COVID vaccinations for US employees | WFLA” https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/disney-to-require-covid-vaccinations-for-us-employees/amp/


This is great news! I hope that it sparks some changes for other businesses.


I work for huge global company. Everyone was waiting for FDA to give the BLA but with the variant I think people are not going to wait until Jan 2022.


I hope more businesses do this too. I don’t support people being forced to be vaccinated (at least until we have a pandemic 10x more deadly than Covid), but requirements for certain activities, including jobs, public school, vacations, etc. is fair game.




Walmart corporate (not store) employees are also now required to get vaccinated:


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One post before I mute the thread - the articles indicate it is some employees and far from all employees at this point.

I have been unusually dependent on service industries recently as I have been living out of bags in rentals for the last few weeks and as we buy things for the new home. I haven’t been anywhere (including lots of Walmarts) that don’t have copious signage for “now hiring.” Even though I’ve had great employee interactions, everywhere I have been has been so short staffed. The Burger King I had to eat at today had signs on the drive though asking people to be nice because they are so short staffed, and the Food Lion I was at yesterday had signs reminding people that the cashier were people, too. My only point in all of this is that I don’t know if the service industry could survive if even 10% quit.


The CNN article says just corporate employees will be required to be vaccinated, not those in the stores.

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I know exactly what you mean after visiting a small beach town last weekend. Lots of “staff shortages” and “please be patient” signs. Even got a couple “nobody wants to work” anymore. But I agree, it doesn’t take much these days to trigger an employee to quit.

The kicker is thankfully there are so many small businesses in America. 50% of the GDP comes from small businesses. And 88% of these businesses have fewer than 20 employees. These small businesses are much less likely to mandate vaccines than large ones.


how about if they left their post because of severe illness or death?


The majority of workers in the service industry are younger than most other occupations. So thankfully less likely to be hospitalized by covid. Other health problems and sicknesses would be just as likely.

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More likely people don’t want to risk their health for wages that don’t pay enough to live on. All the places by me that are so desperate for employees are paying below $15/hr. The high paying ones have huge lines every time they announce they’re hiring.
I don’t blame them.


I see that too in my small town. It’s like industry vs. industry. But the problem is the one industry (usually food service business) just can’t afford to pay the $15+. This is why we see end user prices going up more than they have in a long time. And that leads to higher inflation. It’s not easy to own a small business and be profitable, many challenges.


And that’s where Drive Up or Delivery comes in!


At least for the chains, they can afford to pay $15/hr. Prices are generally going up due to supply chain problems and shortages, not because places have to raise the amount they pay workers, though I’m fine with paying more if workers get a decent wage.

Here in CA we don’t even have tipped minimum wage for restaurants so servers make the same minimum wage as everybody else (with tips on top of that) and yet small local restaurants manage to stay in business and thrive.


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What businesses charge for their product can vary greatly from region to region because of local cost of living averages which factors into wages.

Yes you’re right, supply/demand is the big factor in the price of goods.

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