Disney Refurbishment Schedule?

Does Disney post an official schedule for refurbishments? I’ve found conflicting information on the different sites. I’m particularly concerned with Its a Small World, which some sites have listed as closed in March and April and others just March. I’m traveling during the April dates and am concerned I won’t be able to embed the song in my kids head for the rest of their lives.

I just out that Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Mountain are close for our late April dates. That would be very disappointing if Small World were added to that list… :frowning:


Where do all the sites get their information? The touring plans list differs from the others I saw.

I went looking this morning since Lights! was closed on my HS FP list this morning. This was the only place I saw it listed:
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Oddly, I had a hard time trying to track down an official WDW one at go.com. Elusive…


The Mouse for less and Build a Better Mouse Trip list Its a Small World as being closed April 14-17, others don’t.

Disney’s official answer appears to be to check the daily park calendars on their website: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/non-operational-attractions/

I find doing that cumbersome and prefer to check the refurbishment lists and a variety of websites. I’ll check the Touring Plans list along with places like @ejj mentioned and note if I find discrepancies between the different lists.

As far as Small World, I’d consider planning trips to coincide with it’s refurbishment schedule. Usually I have just enough time between visits to forget the song before someone I’m traveling with decides they have to hear it again.

Well, as you may know I’m planning our trip well ahead, as we are going late Feb '17.

So, I wondered if there is any regularity to refurbishments? Can anybody say what is expected to be closed in February, except for Typhoon Lagoon?

I’m quite afraid that I’ll miss some major attractions due to refurbishments and there is no information for 2017 online yet.

Attractions that are water based (Splash, KRR) seem to go down January/February.

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope it’s KRR. I really want to do Splash…

Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but I feel what I’m asking is relevant and there’s already a good of amount of information here.

One of the "must do"s for my Sept. 2018 trip is Haunted Mansion, so much so that the dates of the trip dates may change if it’s down for refurbishment.

With that, I was wondering when the last time HM was completely closed for refurbishment (like how Small World or Big Thunder Mountain was last September)? I remember in 2016, it was a bit under construction and towards the end of the year it was closed for a week or two, but I don’t think it was anything major?

While I doubt anyone knows when it is to close the next time, I’m trying to gauge the chances of it being down during my trip.

Not sure when you’re going in September but if it’s during the Halloween party dates, I would not expect a closure of the Haunted Mansion.

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Hahah that does indeed make sense, doesn’t it? Not sure why I didn’t reach that conclusion myself. Thanks!

I’ll just go back over there into my corner, eating my paste. lol

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