Disney Refugee goes local


I went “home” to my former workplace Six Flags St. Louis this weekend. I had a great time seeing a lot of old friends. (I stayed at a friend’s house and a few other people came over one night to catch up)

I went to the park solo. My friends’ daughter had some very minor teenage “boyfriend drama”. (He hadn’t texted back in like a whole 12 hours!! :crazy_face: :scream:)

I left them to handle that and while I went to the park

I didn’t take but only a couple pictures. I don’t have a lot to show this time. (I’ve seen the place so many times it felt odd to take pictures)

(20 years ago I would’ve been Tweedy in this pic!)

I bought the AP that lets you go to St. Louis all year. It didn’t make since not to upgrade as it was $30 more than a single day ticket and it included free parking. The parking was going to cost $30 anyway!! :roll_eyes:

The weather was beautiful and it is still early enough in the season that they are only open weekends for limited hours. This made crowds very low - actually nonexistent for the first 3 hours of park operation.

It was like going back to your old high school. Everything seemed much smaller and it is showing it’s age.

The pavement / paths were all newly paved, but not leveled. There are so many bumps in the paths they were, literally, just paved on top of imperfections instead of breaking it up and starting fresh.

Overall, I had a nice time. I’d really forgotten the lack of “indoor” options available. They have one dark ride and that is it. Everything else is an outdoor ride with an unshaded queue. I used to be able to handle it, but I guess my age is showing. (Plus, Universal / Orlando parks have spoiled me with shade, AC and indoor queues)

I did everything I wanted to do within those first three hours and then wandered around for another hour or so. Some of the rides still hold up and were great. I even enjoyed a few new “smaller” rides. However, every single wooden coaster has not aged well. They have 3 and after the second I tapped out. I will never complain about Rip Ride Rock’it being “rough” ever again!!!

There were no shows. My friends have said they’ve almost completely done away with the Entertainment Dept. I did see a couple characters at RD and later on my way out, but not spread out in the parks or often. (Now, it can also be that it’s still “soft opening” right now and the staff levels may not be high enough, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see less than I’m used to going forward.)

I did LOVE their app. It is identical to the app SeaWorld uses. It’s not the best app compared to others, but it’s light years better than a park map and everything there is cashless. (Six Flags even uses the same locker that SeaWorld uses. Who knew that I was just doing prep work for going to Six Flags when I visited SeaWorld back in February!!!)

I will say that smoking is permitted in the parks (in designated areas). They have many smoking areas and they are not all “out of the way”. Plus, MO has recreational weed. So you better be ok with smokers and weed being around. Not “everywhere”, but you’ll bump into it.

I could go into detail about various rides and such if anyone really has an interest, but am going to make this brief. I’m hoping this topic will be my placeholder for other “local” trips this year.

I could see myself waking up early on a Saturday to do the 5 hour drive. Then checking out Hurricane Harbor and going home the same night. It would be a long day, but I did it so many times when I worked for them that it’s not so bad!

I’ll most likely go back for FrightFest. I was never a haunted house person, but after HHN I want to see what a “smaller” park does with the houses. I’ve seen what they do in the "scare areas’ and it’s “meh” compared to HHN, but I’m sure it will be fun.

(I admit… it didn’t quite scratch my “THEME PARK” itch… I’ll defend Six Flags as it’s my “home”, but it’s definitely an “Amusement Park” that has a single DC Comics “land”.


:scream: That would be a long day! And you did that for work??!

I hope you do–I would love to hear about it!

I understand this so much!!!


Yep! I eventually worked in the Group Sales & Marketing offices. I live in Memphis and was responsible for all groups & marketing going to St. Louis from Arkansas, TN, KY and any other state in the south. I would have to go for meetings in the day and then I would prefer to go home at night!

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I wanted to add… while it may not have “scratched” that itch I probably spend less than $300 on the whole trip and that is a big “win” for going local!

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Definitely understand that too!!

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