Disney Quest - transportation question

This picture is from our first ever trip to Disney 2 years ago, and is why we are going to have to go to Downtown Disney again this next trip (surprise trip, revealing Christmas Eve, traveling the end of January). I have two nights planned to go to Disney Quest and have supper downtown. I know the bus canl take us there, but it looks like such a LONG walk from where they drop you off; is there a quicker route? They used to have two bus stops, but now there’s only the one, over by the east end, is that correct? Or Is it not really all that far? Considering taking a taxi those nights. Any thoughts welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, only one bus stop now, all the way on the other side of DTD. It’s not a long walk by WDW standards, but if your feet (or DQ-loving child) are tired, they won’t be happy. You can take the internal boat from one side to the other to save some steps. Walking at a moderate pace, it probably took us 10-15 minutes to get from DQ to Ghirardelli.

Thank you, didn’t know there was a boat; I’ll check into that.