Disney, Please hire more phone operators!

 Has anybody gotten to talk to a person?
 I have tried "chat" on the website; they tell me i need to call. Every time i call hold times are outrageous and i give up. I'm on hold waiting right now and the timer says it has been 29min 39sec .

My issue is when you call many times they give you the wrong info!


Ive noticed that. Sometimes I know more than the person “helping” me.


I’m on hold now! I’m bracing myself for a 60 minute call start to finish…to fix a mistake that was supposed to be cleared up 2 weeks ago!

I was on the phone for 53 minutes on Friday and 40 on Saturday for a different issue… We’ve only gone to WDW 5 times, but this has been the first year that I’ve had so many problems…actually, I’ve never had any problems before this …so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much!

Still holding at 27 minutes!!


Finally got through…that person couldn’t help so he transferred me to someone else…now a 60 minute estimated wait…I hung up! :frowning:

My husband was on the phone a few days ago with them he was on hold 30 minutes then he went round and round with the cast member who was not helping him at all she said she could put him thru to another cast member but he would have to hold another 30 minutes which he did the second cast member was very friendly and helped him solve the issue total time on the phone was nearly 2 hours!

UGH! Glad your issue was resolved! But it shouldn’t have taken 2 hours!!


I sincerely hope everyone got help and results. Sending best wishes and good thoughts. I love this community.