Disney Planning By Kids

I thought this might be a fun topic.

I was just speaking with my 6-year old about our next trip. I’m trying to include our kids more in the planning this time around. I was explaining what I had in mind for the number of park days, resorts etc. We get to Magic Kingdom and he says: “We should get up really early and rope drop Fantasyland and ‘knock it out’ before it gets too crowded. Then we should do Haunted Mansion, Frontierland, and Adventureland. We might get hungry by this time so we could grab a bite at Casey’s or something quick so we don’t miss much. Do Tomorrowland last.” Not a terrible plan, but I’m surprised there weren’t more stops for treats! #FutureTouringPlansSubscriber

I’d love to hear your stories. I’ll start.


The other day DD4 told me that for the Fastpasses which go on our Magic Bands for Hollywood Studios, she thinks we should pick Alien Swirling Saucers, Toy Story Mania and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad (I told her about MMRR when it opened).

Good picks!

She also talked DW and I into booking an extra night at BLT for our fall trip (we stayed 5 nights the past two years and DD4 asked if we could stay 6 nights the next trip). Note - It wasn’t hard to convince me so I looked at DW and said “why not?”


Our WDW vacations have usually been 7 or 8 days, with down time at the resort every afternoon. Some swim, some nap, some watch football. One year I asked my then 13 yr old grandson if you only had 3 days at WDW would you tour differently. He said no, it’s Disney World, not Disney Parks. You always have to chill some in the afternoon. The resorts are part of it. You just be more particular about what you do at the parks.

My grandniece had a bit of an overstimulation difficulty as a toddler. Her first day ever at WDW we were at MK and chose to go first to Adventureland and Magic Carpets. The next couple of trips our first MK day we went to Adventureland and Magic Carpets. Her first trip as a teen I asked her what’s first at MK. She said Magic Carpets - it’s traditional. Her other favorites as a teen: Tiki Birds, Carousel of Progress, Tower of Terror, Flight of Passage and EE. She’s a foodie too so restaurants are almost more important than rides.

For her 15th birthday bash she and 3 other family members (2 were newbies in their 40s) were going to do a 4 park wipeout (4 parks in one day) as we were calling it. She planned the day, monitored rides on MDE and regrouped regularly during the day based on what was down and how her group was faring. She’s ready to plan another 4 park wipeout but she says, maybe with younger people.


Last year, DS10 regaled our Minnie Van driver from the airport to our hotel with our plans for the week. He talked of rope drop, headliners, fastpass drop times - but I really thought the driver would lose it when he started talking about the Tragical Express. Then he showed her a picture of him dressed as Walt Disney for his Wax Museum project a few weeks earlier at school, complete with an empty Main Street and Castle picture behind him (he stood in front of a canvas in my bedroom). Two days later, we got a surprise delivery from her with treats for my Disney fanatic - candy apple, goofy candy co treats and a balloon. She got a big kick out of him.