Disney planning and park hopper

Hi all. Traveling in January 2017 with dh, dds8 and 4 and ds 1. Currently no PH. Also- We need to be back in hotel by 8 pm nightly (dd has medical condition and a strict sleep schedule). We currently have the following general plan: Sat 1-21 arrival (0930) and then head to HS for the day (note dd8 wants to see everything SW, Indy, and rides and dd4 wants to see all of the princess shows). Sun Epcot, Mon AK, Tues off (dd8 and dh to Uni WoHP), Wed and Thurs MK, Fri Epcot. Sat return.
Questions. Can we do all of HS between 1-7 on a Sat with a CL 6? TP says no. Can we force it? Will we definitely miss out on dd8 getting in on SW Jedi training arriving at 1?
Do we need two days at EPCOT? Would two days at HS be too much?
Can I park hop only the last day btw EPCOT and HS? It’s that even a good idea? Do I have to pay for PH for the entire trip if I do?

If the touring plan says no, then likely it will be no. It is pretty tough to get all the shows and rides in with such a late arrival. 1-4pm is the busiest time of the park so the crowds and wait times will be at peak.

You will likely not find any spots left to sign up for. You might be able to wait around to see if they have a no show and slip into someone else’s spot.

Park hopping between Epcot and HS is one of the best uses in my opinion. You can easily walk between the two and with the tiering system you could schedule a single tier 1 at one park and then the next two (including a tier 1) at the other park–same day. Or rope drop one and schedule your FPP for the other in the afternoon. You can’t buy a park hopper at a lower rate for just one day. If you add it it is the length of your ticket.

I would NOT bother with the park hopper. I think your schedule looks good. Maybe you can leave Friday as a floater day - and decide during your trip if you want to go back to HS or Epcot?