Disney Paris touring plans

Does anyone have experience or recommendations for touring plans for Disney Paris? and Yikes! with a grandchild?

Theres not one but I found trip advisor dlrp forum really helpful. Are you on or off site and what ages for kids and when are you going and for how long. I might be able to give you some pointers we did 4 nights onsite in July so feel free to ask away. EMH is really imp with younger kids and Dreams is amazing Mx

April, also 4 nights nearby at associated but non-Disney hotel, with toddler and her parents. Open to suggestions.

ttp://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowForum-g2079053-i21935-Disneyland_Paris_Seine_et_Marne_Ile_de_France.html is the link to lots of info and I found them very friendly

EMH if you have this use it at least twice. There are Disney Character meet and greets set up on main street between 8-10 am solely for EMH. We were the first ones with Mickey and Minnie together one morning. So 1 emh for characters and 1 emh for fantasyland rides. To meet a princess ( unless you are going at a super quiet time) someone (normally dad or granddad) needs to line up to get a return time ticket at the Old Mill about 9.30. They need to have everyone who wants to visit a princess’s park ticket and they will be issued a return time ticket for the correct number. This is over and above normal fp which is still old syle but they only use it for 9/10 rides over the 2 parks. When you return to meet a Princess you don’t get to chose but there are generally 2 meeting at a time in separate rooms and they swap out constantly so if you speak to the cm’s telling them your favourite princesses and 1 of them is there they will try to accommodate you.

Food is really bad I mean really really bad especially anything burger related avoid ALL burger places in park . Pizza planet was good value and actually quite ok Its a pizza pasta desert buffet and doesn’t need pre booked but is only seasonal so might not be open. Annettes Dinner in the village part was ok food wise also. Mcdonalds in the village is a cheap option but was really really bad. Earl of Sandwich in the village was really good and good for the wallet.
Water fountains were great for refilling water bottles no after taste and saved a fortune.

Mid day breaks are good but we found that we were too tired to go back to parks (we were at Davy Crocket ranch which is a 15 minute drive away) With 4 nights 5 days I would do 2 emh and the night you want to see dreams just have a long lie and hit the parks about 4pm this should let you see the parade which is normally 5/5.30 ish then do rides while everyone leaves for dinner.

If you are going to studios there isn’t much for littles but ToT is awesome and my kids loved Crushes coaster. RnR isn’t as good as DHS. You need to be at gates @9.30 for 10 am open and go straight to Crush first. There is a single rider queue but even that is over an hour wait. Ratatoullie is the big draw( esp with tinies) and fp run out by 11 am so send someone to get fp for that first thing at Studios if heading to crush if not go straight to Rat get fp then ride then ride again with fp. The other kids rides in the studios are Parachute drop based on green army men/ tyy soldiers from toy story slinky dog mini coaster and 1 other ride. Character meet and greets are on your daily schedule and waits are generally not bad. They pop up in parks a bit like it used to be at WDW

http://www.dlpguide.com/planning/ this web site is quite good also

Hope this helps any Questions just ask. Mx


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