Disney outlets

We are traveling with our 4 kids. As you know, souvenirs get expensive. We have a couple of days before we hit the parks. I wanted to go to some of the outlets. What are the best Disney outlets in the area?

I think the only one worth going to is the one at Vineland

We’ve looked at others and basically walked in, turned around and walked out…


There are 2 or 3 close by best bet is to google Disney Character Warehouse. We stopped at one on I Drive. DW got Tee Shirts that were from $3 to $10.

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I read about the Character Warehouse on lines. I wondered if there were more. We are planning a shopping day on Saturday.

If it is useful when you are there, last year I made a map of the outlets mentioned on chat

The pins have detailed address and contact info. You can copy it to your own google account for easier access when on road.

Yes, what @disney1974 said!

You’re going to want to go when they open the doors, as the good stuff that has been put out overnight disappears in the first 30 minutes that the store is open.

There are quite a few video bloggers that post going to the character Warehouse on Vinland on YouTube. Look them up to get an idea of what you’re walking into, and kind of get an idea of the type of things that are out there, especially with kids.

Don’t forget Disney Springs! That’s free free free and there’s so much to do there! You can bring your pins and trade with all kinds of folks, there are so many cast members wearing lanyards. And then there’s a Lego store, don’t forget the world of Disney the largest Disney Store in North America. There’s way too much to do in Disney Springs now, I can’t wait to explore it in the beginning in the end of our trip.

I hope you guys have an amazing time!

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Thanks for sharing! :hearts:

@JJT Thanks for sharing the map! I tried to open it and there was nothing on it. Am I doing it wrong? Is there at trick?

Should be 2 red pins on the map, one near Disney, other near Universal.

I just tried it in incognito mode on my phone browser so I wasn’t logged in as me and they were there. Maybe zoom out a bit?

Got it thanks!! You do have to have the zoom just right. :grin:

Is the Character Warehouse Disney owned? Can you use Disney gift cards there?

Does anyone know if we can buy magic bands at an outlet store??

Yes, if you search the TP blog for their outlet store reports, they’ve listed some cool MBs they found there…

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Great! Thank you very much!!

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Perhaps I Should have mentioned that being outlets, the inventory can be spotty, and changes all the time, though.


I think its kind of like roulette. we went to the closer one in April. we got a few cheap souvenirs for people back home, but no apparel or anything that we would have liked over what was available onsite, even with a big price difference.

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