Disney on Halloween day

We are planning a trip in 2020 either early November or the second week of December. If we go early November we would leave arrive 10/30 and be there for Halloween, how are the crowds at Halloween, does anyone have any feedback about going over Halloween?
I’m trying to iron out dates before the 2020 packages are released on June 18.

I know the MNSSHP will be crowded, MK will close early at 6pm, but i don’t know if any other parks will be effected.

We were at MK on Halloween it was very low crowds until party crowds arrived. We left around 4 and had dinner at Trails End then did trick or treating at the campsites. So much fun!

In general crowds were not bad that week at all.

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Thank you! I think we will get park hoppers, since it’s such a short trip, then we can hit MK with hopefully lowish crowds and then hop to another park, or just go to dinner and relax for the rest of the night.

I left a day before last year but my parents were there on the actual day. They went for the Food & Wine festival, so never headed towards MK. But they ate dinner on the Boardwalk that night and said it was so much fun. They got a seat outside and really enjoyed watching everyone walk by in costume and the events that were going on. I thought the crowds were very manageable during that time.