Disney no longer sending out personalized mail with The Incredibles after booking?

It’s been a month since I booked my trip and I still have not received the little personalized book that you receive with the Incredibles on it in the mail. So I spoke with someone in the chat on the official site, and they told me to call someone in central reservation to see if it was sent out. So I did exactly that, and the representative told me that they don’t send it out anymore. Is this true? I guess I’m just nervous because this is the first time that I booked by myself, instead of going with an agent.

On May 28, I booked a room online and shortly after (within a couple weeks?) got a personalized booklet, but no Incredibles in it.

I went in April and got nothing. Didn’t even knew this was a thing. I wouldn’t worry.

Thank you for replying. I thought they might have changed the book, but still was worried because I haven’t received one. Maybe I’m just a little anxious because it has been a month.

Thanks. It’s a surprise trip for my mom, and I just really don’t want the first time I booked it myself to be messed up, ya know?

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I got one for my March trip but not for September. Too bad, its always a good day when you get something in the mail from Disney so I will kinda miss it.

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Thanks. Yeah, the cast member sounded very unsure, so I just had to come here and double check. It was also really helpful with the reminder dates to book fast passes and such.

My sister got one for her trip in July. I made a reservation last week w/deposit and didn’t get a confirmation email. Have reservation confirmation # and it was taken out of our account. My opinion is that there’s no consistency !

I got one for our trip at the end of October… I can’t remember if it’s incredibles but it’s personalized

We got one for our trip in September - it’s our first trip without kids and we noticed it had very few children in the booklet - it was all geared to adults only, which was weird and cool at the same time. Have no idea when we booked, though - the day Free Dining was announced, that’s all I know.

Do you have a My Disney Experience account? That is the best way to manage all your Disney trip information. Just go to the main https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ and sign up for an account. The My Disney Experience tab contains all your reservations and you can make fast passes and dining reservations and everything shows up there. I changed my reservation over the phone yesterday and it was immediately changed in my MDE account. Great for piece of mind.

Yeah, we are going at the end of October. I figured that they might have changed the theme by now since it has been the Incredibles for the past two years. That’s why I was a little worried.

I think they might have changed the theme with the booklet. I don’t really care about the theming or anything. It was just for peace of mind, since we received it for our last two trips.

I went in 2016 and 2015, so yes I do. This is the first time I booked it myself without an agent, so it’s just the nerves getting to me I think.

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Rest assured, I’ve never used an agent and have never had a problem. 8th trip, I think! Just watch that MDE account - that is golden.

RELAX!! <3<3

I booked in March for our January 2018 trip over the phone and didn’t get a booklet. I received a letter in the mail for confirmation. (No email confirmation either, but this was a industry courtesy discounted reservation that I couldn’t book online)

I also booked on June 1st for an August 28th trip and got the booklet about 3 weeks later. No Incredibles…just Disney stuff and date reminders in the booklet. I booked this one online with a PIN code and got email confirmation too.

Our last trip this January through a TA – we didn’t get anything like this because the TA had their address as our address so the only things I received were ME and MagicBands because I ordered those myself.

Maybe it depends on how you book as to what you will receive.