Disney music on smart speaker (Amazon's Alexa)

How do I get Alexa to play just a ton of Disney music? There was a magic phrase that worked for me once, like, “Alexa, play Disney Resorts music,” but I can’t remember the exact wording. Now when I ask Alexa for Disney music, she acts like I asked her to play Hitler’s Biggest Dance Hits. (“Sorry, I can’t find The Third Reich Twister Party. Would you like to hear Neo Nazi Beach Bash?”)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to ask for a song one at a time. “Alexa, play ‘Drip, Drip, Drop Little April Showers.’ … Alexa, play ‘Bare Necessities.’ … Alexa, play Zippety duh uhhhhh… never mind…” I’m a tired old lady! I can’t keep trying to remember the names of songs from 30-year-old musicals!!! And don’t even get me started on how I cannot find the music from “Happily Ever After” anywhere on the interwebs!!! Why don’t they sell this stuff on CD’s like they used to?!


I know.

Times are changing. I have to use a smart phone to get around the parks. I have to use a credit card instead cash. I have to listen to what Alexa wants me to listen to instead of what I want to listen to.

Anyway. If anyone knows how to coax Disney music out of a smart speaker, I would really appreciate a clue.

FWIW, we subscribe to Amazon Music, and I do not know how to navigate Spotify.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


I can’t answer you question because I don’t have an Alexa but wanted to thank you for the :joy:


For Alexa, I believe you add a “Skill”.

Try saying Alexa add D park radio skill. After that you can say play D Park Radio 1 , or 2,3,or 4.

Here’s a link to their app


In there is a section on “other ways to listen”.


Try this:

“Alexa, play Disney Hits”

I looked for Disney playlists on Amazon Music and found these, to start:

So you could also say “Alexa, play Disney Classics” or “Alexa, play Disney Girl Power” or any playlist from Amazon Music. (I could see only the free songs; I don’t have a subscription.)


If you are a subscriber you should have access to all of the catalogs. I ask Alexa to play Disney soundtracks or Disney Halloween music or Disney Hits and get plenty of good Disney songs. I skip what I don’t like.
I will say, Alexa has been getting a little outa line lately… she’s been off her game.

Didn’t know this skill. I never remember to check.

This is awesome! I just printed it out.


I look forward to trying all of these things. I do not have an Alexa app on my phone. The account seems to “belong” to my husband. Maybe he has it on his phone!

Thank you for the suggestions! Hope springs eternal. :smiley:


The first two on this list worked, so I have hope! Thanks! :smiley:


I tried this, but Alexa said she didn’t understand. Then I asked her, “Alexa, can you add skills?”

I should add, I speak crisply when I talk to the “smart” speaker.

So I was a little surprised when her reply was, “What time would you like to set the alarm?”


Alexa can be dopey.


Hi! Mike here from DParkRadio. I just wanted to update you on our Alexa Skill. You no longer have to enable a skill to listen. If you have the skill, you can still use it or if you would like to turn it on, you can. Just click the link below:

The other way to listen is by
Just Saying The Following To Hear A Station:

  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 1”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 2”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 3”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 4”

Channel 1 is our Main Stream, Ch 2 is Background and Area music from the parks, Ch3 is Main Street, and Ch 4 is ResortTV.

For more great ways to listen, just click the link below:



Thank you for this!!

This is great thank you

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