Disney Movies in the Parks for Preschool Age

You have just made my day by telling me that there is a DVD series of Sing Along Songs for Disney movies! It seems so obvious, but I never thought to look for something like this. Thanks!!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is all I can think of that doesn’t have violence in it that I can recall. It has some educational aspects to it as well. I can’t think of one movie that doesn’t have some type of violence in it. Maybe fast forward through those parts?

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Thanks for all the input so far. Tricky right?
@momfourmonkeys, the Sing-Along DVDs are a great idea! We had a few of those on VHS when I was little, and I appreciate reassurance regarding little ones connecting with the parks even without knowing the films or shows. Come to think of it, most of my favorite stuff in the parks is unique to the parks.

I need to find the Sing Along Songs! My kids couldn’t make it through Winnie the Pooh. Apparently the Heffalump is terrifying.


@zstrassburger- my girls will NOT watch the movies (7 and 9).we listen to lots of soundtracks in the car (mostly)which has allowed them to become familiar with characters and somewhat of the plot line. They’ll say, “mom, who is this singing?” And then sing along happily!


I have the 5-minute Disney “Snuggle Stories” books that my DS2.5 really loves. They have a lot of the “parks” characters, Winnie the Pooh, Simba, Dumbo, Bambi, etc, but they are just quick, cute little bedtime stories. No wildebeest stampedes, etc. (We do also have the golden books that are faithful to the movies, but mama has sticky fingers when turning some of the pages in those.) This has helped my son really be able to identify characters, etc, and be excited about seeing them.

I also second a lot of the soundtracks!