Disney Movies in the Parks for Preschool Age

With so many IPs in the parks these days, I think watching some Disney movies or cartoons before a trip could enhance the fun. My son is young and watches some TV, but I try to pick shows that are age appropriate and do not depict violence. Please help me thinks of Disney movies or TV shows with no (or low) violence. One that came to mind was Cars. Thoughts? Thanks!

Have you thought about soundtracks? I think I could argue that there is some sort of conflict (isn’t that the mark of a good story) that if you looked close enough it could be violent . Frozen is a great example of this, but the music is great and the Frozen sing along is so fun and not violent in any way! The Lion King has great music too, and the live show and the pieces in PhilharMagic are perfect.

I always think of Up! as sad but not violent?


Agreed! Even Bambi has violence. AND a forest fire - which apparently made 3-year-old me jump up and down and scream “Run Bambi, run!!!” in the theater.


Cars doesn’t have any violence but it isn’t in the parks yet.

Winnie the Pooh would be fine.

What about Disney Junior on TV?

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Depends on the age and temperament, but the dogs could be a little scary, I suppose.

Definitely this.

You could pull out some of the oldies that are tied to the rides. Dumbo, for example. (Actually, it has been years since I’ve seen it…so I don’t recall if there is anything violent!)

Swiss Family Robinson? Nope, actually. I forgot about the pirates (?) attacking in that one.

Mary Poppins.

Alice in Wonderland.

I believe they are changing the Disney Junior show to a dance party? That may be fun.

Is the nightmare sequence only in the show? I know it is part of the attraction.

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Lady and the Tramp or Aristocats?

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Mary Poppins has that segment where the kids are lost, it could freak out littles. (heh, did me. That poppins a bag bit still gives me the willies)
Alice in Wonderland: Red Queen.
Dumbo: Pink Elephants. 'nuff said.
Lady and the Tramp: isn’t there a dog fight toward the end? I seem to remember Tramp nursing his paw?

Really, just about EVERY Disney movie has some sort of moment that can be potentially scarring. Oddly enough, Wreck it Ralph and WInnie the Pooh are the only possible exceptions that come to my mind.

Maybe Peter Pan too? Even though there’s a sword fight, Peter looks like he’s having fun with it during the time, so that might make it actually better?

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For my kids when preschoolers, it was not the violence but the suspense and peril that bothered them. I know limiting kids access to violence (even the cartoon kind) is important, but Disney doesn’t show much violence, but they do know their way around suspense and peril. My kids were super sensitive to that stuff. It just depends on your (and his) level of comfort with the content.
When mine were super little (2-3), they watched the song scenes from movies–there is a DVD series Sing Along Songs that is available on Amazon. We got it from the library (my youngest just turned 7 for reference). It has just Disney movie scenes from during the songs from most of the films (at least the older ones)–a little taste of everything. Including Mickey, Donald, and the gang


Of course! Duh.

Yeah. True. I suppose this is where watching movies WITH the kids is important, because you can just fast-forward any scene you might fear your child would be impacted by. That particular scene lasts all of 10 seconds, but you’re right…it could be kind of scary.

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Dumbo??? :open_mouth:

OMG. I can’t watch part of that, even now. The part where the nasty bully is whipping Mom and Dumbo is listening to it all outside the window.

(insert weeping emoji here, only I can’t scroll through them for some reason)

No, do not put Dumbo on.


They try to drown the kittens in the Aristocats…

Ther is virtually no Disney movie that doesn’t have either some violence or scary part in it.

Bambi I would be OK if you skip the first 5 minutes. The rest of it is a lovely movie - I think!

I clearly have no memory of this movie! I know I saw it. Eons ago.

When my DS was 3 he was scared of the WTP ride because of the nightmare area.

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Without some sort of conflict it’s hard to have a plot.

And they were so mean to Dumbo!

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Forest fire!! That is terrifying!! And not in the first 5 minutes!!

Plus the gunshot followed by “Your mother can’t be with you anymore.”


Oh, I totally agree.

Disney took many of these tales and made them far more “palatable”, or less dark than they were originally, but they still involve cruelty!

Their original movies, like Bambi, Dumbo etc all have an element of cruelty involved too. I mean, how many of their protagonists (human or animal) ever had a happy childhood?

Between sad themes (parents dying, etc.) and ‘meanness’ toward many of the main characters in Disney movies it’s been a challenge for me to come up with any Disney movies to watch with my son (age 6). My son is more sensitive than most kids, but the only Disney movies he regularly enjoys are Cars and Planes. He loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when he was younger; maybe try that?

Try not to worry too much if your kids aren’t super exposed to Disney before your trip. My son loved WDW (age 2.5 and 5) even though he wasn’t familiar with many of the characters ahead of time and still isn’t. In fact, the unexpected highlight of our trip when he was 2.5 was all the amazing character meet and greets!