Disney moved our reservation before TA called

Not complaining!!! But, if you are at a closed resort, and haven’t called…check MDE.

I happened to check today, and saw that we were moved from a Woods view 5th sleeper at POR to a Water/Pool view 5th sleeper at Caribbean Beach. No one had reached out to Disney to move us yet, they did it on their own. We are going Dec 4-11.

Now to spend time learning about our new landing spot.


Unrelated: I once had a professor I. College called Kay Trask :blush:

Maybe I will wait and see where Disney moves us. Two rooms, garden view POFQ with bounceback offer. Just checked MDE, POFQ still showing December 4th to the 14th. Better to call or end result will be the same either way?

I noticed nothing is available for either Port Orleans resort for April 2021. Are they not opening these 2 resorts right away I wonder? …

You cannot book into any resort that does not currently have an anticipated opening date. This includes both PO resorts (R and FQ) and the All Stars, for example

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When I called to add tickets to my April 2021 at POFQ, I could not add tickets unless I modified the resort.

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