Disney Merch at Burlington

This has been all over tiktok so my sister and I decided to see if it was true this morning and it is! There’s official Disney merch at Burlington stores. Supposedly it’s leftover stuff from the Character Warehouse outlets but not too bad for a random store in Mass. Below is most of what we saw if anyone is interested!

$4.99 ears

$8.99 blanket

$2.99 socks

$8.99 Ink & Paint plates

$3.99 headband, they also had Stitch


Like Burlington Cost Factory or some store in Burlington MA? Help?

Burlington Coat Factory! When my sister sent me the tiktok I thought it was Burlington, MA too lol. But we went in Westborough. I’ve seen people say they found stuff in North Carolina and Minnesota so I assume it’s available at most of them!

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Those ears!
Thank you for sharing.

Other locations also had the coral ears. And how can you beat $4.99!

Hmm I have to go near one tomorrow for my kids haircut. I may have to pop in.

My daughter told me about this the other day, and I’m scared to go there because I shouldn’t be buying more merch. :scream::weary:

So I finally got around to exploring my local store… $80.69 later… and this is what I weeded it down to too. Yikes!


I’m jealous of the pins!!

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