Disney MaxPass?

Any news on when this will come out? Looks amazing.

It starts tomorrow.

I saw some tweets today on the TouringPlans feed that someone was testing it today. Seemed to be working well. He noted that a paper fast pass also showed up in the App as well which was interesting. I presume we will get a blog on it sometime this week…

There’s actually a blog post already up:

Perfect! Thank you for that. I am hoping to have it figured out before I get there next month so I can take advantage of it.

I think we’ll try it at least a few days on our trip. $10 per day seems steep, but adding the photos makes it a little better deal which will likely be our tipping point to at least try it out…

Does MaxPass affect touring plan strategy or ride order since you don’t have to
go to the kiosk to physically get the fastpasses? Haven’t seen any updates on the touring plans
discussing this.


I’m wondering the same thing. Will Touring Plans update their software to include an option where you can select that you will be using Max Pass? We are going in November and I feel like there’s not much point in making a touring plan if it doesn’t have this capability…

I sent this question to Touring Plans and the response was they are not planning on updating the touring strategy. They said they are monitoring MaxPass and the effects it has on the plans but that the only thing that may change is that you are done with the plan sooner using MaxPass. Hope that helps…

It’s a shame they are not using this opportunity to revamp their already off FP data. From my in park experience last week & this I have noticed that the FPs times are more variable. For example, one day GotG might run out by 11am one day but go a lot slower the next with 1-2pm FPs available at 11am (have seen that exact example this week). If you click “use a FP runner” that will be about the same effect as the MaxPass since they tend to use speedier times for the FP runner to run & get the FP & chances are you’ll use that same amount of time pulling it up on the DL app on your phone. The harder thing will be hopefully they update their TP software with the new rules for The FP system (i.e. If you pull a FP that starts within next 30 min need to wait 30 min OR until you’ve scanned in to redeem that FP before you can get next FP).

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