Disney math – dining plan addition

Help me check my math. It seems too good to be true! DD9 and I are travelling April 19-25. With a split stay 4/19-4/23 at GF and 4/23-4/25 at ALK. Current dining reservations (with cost from Disney website) are:

PPO Breakfasts at:
Garden Grill $65
Be Our Guest $65

Dinners at:
Artist Point $95
Chef Mickey $95
1900 $70

With just those meals I’m at $377 for the first part of my stay. The dining plan would cost $434. So if my math is right I would be spending $57 dollars more with the plan – and I haven’t used any snacks and only 1 quick service meal! Seems like it would be pretty easy to come out ahead …. Right??


Probably so. Those are all pretty expensive character meals with a child which is when dining plan usually makes sense.

I think your math is good. Also, your mug will work at AKL.

Dining plan is almost always a win for those with kids under age 10 who will do more than one character meal. Seems like your math is right and you should go for it!

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Lots of character meals make the DDP a no brainer! If you drink alcohol, it is an even better deal.