Disney mani/pedis

Just as frivolous as it sounds! DD and I wish to get Disney-inspired mani/pedis for our upcoming trip. Please post pics of your best work, or descriptions we can use. Thanks!

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I am looking for ideas also. Want something for my trip in September

I can't post pics now, so I can't show you mine, but there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest. I actually have a whole board of them.

My daughter did my toes for the last trip, a simple design. Just red toes wi the a mickey head on the big toe and white dots on the rest. Simple works best dor me.

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I would love to do something fun like this, but nail polish chips off me almost immediately. It's as if my finger nails are polish resistant!

I've posted mine on Lines chat, but I'll see if I can find them.

On our last trip, I did sparkly red polish on my toes and then did French tips in black polish. It was super easy and very cute!


Not über fancy like some I have seen, but I did it myself...I normally wouldn't have a pic but I got engaged on that trip and was sending a pic of the ring to my sis smile

Where'd the picture go?!

Disney Blog had these......


I actually just ordered the custom Disney set of Jamberry wraps. Haven't tried them yet though.

❤️ the Nemo and Mickey ice cream

These are amazing!

Found mine. I'm very self-conscience about showing a pic of my toes though. Feet issue...


Love it! The only issue with that look Is that it's fabulous.

That's cute!

Another from the Disney blog

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Jamberry from June trip


Love it!

I am not that into mani/pedis a word of caution especially to those who don't go regularly just last weekend a liner had a pedi done and had a really bad cut on her foot just days before her tip. @sparklyteach (Hoping you have done okay with your foot, thinking of you), I believe it was.