Disney Magic

So, this is an old picture, but I was just looking at someone else’s picture of the castle looking down Main St. and I thought of this day. Don’t you just love walking under the train station, stepping onto Main St., looking off in the distance, and there’s…Nothing! Disney made the castle disappear! Don’t worry, they brought it back later that morning.



that image is disturbing!


Magic can make people a little uncomfortable. Or does it remind you of the movie “The Fog”?


In Washington they frequently make a whole mountain disappear. People in the Seattle area will point out that “the mountain is out today” when it is clear enough to see Mt Rainier.


Speaking of Disney Magic. I just read an article that, in a cost cutting move due to the acquisition of FOX and HULU, Disney will no longer be offering magic with their packages as it’s become too costly to generate.

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I always assumed they got it for free from fairy slave labor.

I don’t miss the constant drizzle, but man do I miss the view on the days when the mountain was out.

Moving to Olympia this summer. Love when the mountains are out. Not so crazy about the blinding sun coming through your windshield, making it nearly impossible to see.