Disney Magic (UK Arrival Based Ticket)

I hope someone can help, as the information from Disney is ambiguous. Disney 14-day Magic Tickets are officially valid for use up to 18 days from the start date of the ticket. There is some confusion as to whether the water parks count toward this allocation or whether they are separate (i.e. you could scatter water park days in between these 14 days of theme park entry). There are questions that have been posted to Plan Disney and it appears that this is the case but the responses have been far from succinct. To further add confusion, cast members have advised some people that 14 days of water park allocations are included in this ticket and that they only expire 14 days after the date a water park is first used. Can anyone help clarify please? I feel that if this is true, it is not by design, and this is why Disney are not clear with their correspondence. Thanks!

@Nicky_S is good on tickets.

My knowledge is way out of date because we haven’t done a Disney water park in 7 or 8 years, so I won’t cloud the issue by telling you what I think.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean here.

You have 18 days from first use to use your tickets. Water parks, mini golf etc do not count as one of the 14 park days. They are extra but must also be used within those 18 days. Starting with a theme park or water park will start the clock. And park days need not be consecutive either.


Thanks for the clarification.
Information from Disney is not clear at all about how the water park access works with these tickets and I know of instances where cast members have advised that these run independently, hence the confusion.

They are independent of the theme parks, in that they do not count as one of your 14 theme park days; also you can use them on a day that you are not using a park day.

I suspect that’s what they mean by independent.

But the same time frame applies to both theme parks and water parks. The tickets expire 18 days after first use anywhere.


That makes sense to me, thanks.
One cast member specifically offered that you could technically do 14 straight days of theme parks followed by 14 straight days of water parks and another advised that water parks are valid for 14 days from your first water park day.
Interested as to why they are saying this.

Because they are clueless. Often the way with CMs, especially phone CMs.


I spent quite a long time investigating this issue… CMs are random-factor, and almost certainly don’t actually know - because Disney doesn’t publish the Ts&Cs for the ticket in a sufficiently detailed form.

But people on other forums have tried it (ie doing a water park on a non-theme park day) and it doesn’t detract from the 14 theme park entries. Apparently you can see the number of park days left somewhere in MDE and verify yourself. I will test on next visit but that’s in August!

I believe the slightly more detailed version is you get 14 ‘things’ in addition to the theme parks. So doing MK, mini-golf and a water park on one day counts as 1 theme park entry and 2 fun things.


This is correct as far as I know.

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