Disney LuLaRoe

Just ordered my first pair of LuLaRoe Disney leggings! I know you all will get my excitement! Was thinking it would be cool if anyone wanted to post any pictures of Disney LLR that they have gotten! :smiley:


Oh man those are adorable!!! I have this pair for our November trip, just looking for a matching pair for my daughter :slight_smile: .


Those are so cute! I was looking for those! My seller did not have them!

Will they have any Alice In Wonderland prints?

Can someone please explain lularoe to me? How does it work? What the heck is a Carly? One of my friends added me to a group on facebook and it’s constantly showing up on my feed. I feel like I first did when I joined this group, it’s like everyone is speaking a different language!

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A Carly is a type dress style. They have different names for different styles. It’s so confusing!! I just got into LLR about two months ago. I Facebook messaged my seller and had them explain the whole thing to me! But the clothes are so cute and so nice! The leggings are the softest things I’ve ever put on my legs!

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I was like that at first, too! (Especially with LuLaRoe!!) To answer your Carly question: I swear that it is the absolute comfiest dress I’ve ever worn. EVER. T Shirt style on top, flows out like an A line style. SO STINKING COMFORTABLE. Much like this site and Disney, once you start buying it you’ll need a second job to support the habit.


Possibly in the future, I haven’t seen any yet. They have a contract for two years, so most likely many more characters will come!!

So true about needing a second job!! :joy:

oh dear lord! My wife had 3 pair already :fearful: LOL


LOVE my Minnie LLR leggings!


Love those!!!