Disney Land Newbee

Hey guys! I am usually on the Disney World side of chat. Just got back from a Disney World trip in November. I want to plan another trip in the next few years and now I’m thinking Disney Land would be cool. I know absolutely nothing about Disney Land or California Adventure. Help me with the basics! Thank you guys! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Severa lyears ago I did a 12-part blog that was basically “DLR for WDW vets”. There have certainly been some changes since then (not the least of which is half of Frontierland closing to make way for SW Land), but I would say at least 80% is still accurate. Here’s the link:


You’ll want to read the posts in order, preferably on a PC vice a phone. There are lot’s of folks over on this side with amazing knowledge of DLR, so any questions you might have are sure to be answered.


This is just what I needed!!! Thank you so much @bswan26!!!

Welcome to the West @HakunaMatata93! The forum isn’t usually very active at all but there is a good (small) community on the chat side that are fantastic at answering questions as well! We are quite a bit smaller than the WDW side, but like @bswan26 mentioned there are very knowledgeable peeps that are fantastic people as well, so anything ask away!

Based on my one planning of WDW vs. many, many usually not-planned, last minute DLR getaways, the biggest difference you will see is that DLR has a very laid-back pace. Paper FPs still in effect, dining reservations are a whole different world, and can be available easily, some of them even up to day-of. Obviously it’s not quite as wide-open for peak times and for the more popular ones like Blue Bayou (especially the dining packages), Ariel’s Grotto and Goofy’s Kitchen. Also, TS dining is not the event in DLR that it is in WDW and there are SO many awesome QS dining options, especially within DCA. There is so much that we love at DCA that we find ourselves hopping to eat specific foods that are our favorites there. Which brings me to the last major difference, hopping is SO easy. Only 2 parks, both turnstiles within security so there’s no security re-entry to hop and the turnstiles are a quick 1-2 min away from each other. Going to WDW for the first time it seemed like such an event (in a good way) to get around and there is virtually none of that at DLR so I always recommend park hoppers!

So that’s a very high overview from my own experience, but please as I said earlier, ask away for any questions that you have!