Disney Kennels

Wondering if anyone has any experience with the kennels in Disney? They are called Best Friends Pet Care. I’m driving and thinking it might be easier to kennel my dog nearby. Looking for the good and the bad!

I’ve never used them, but the WDW kennels get very good reviews around here.

I haven’t used the one in Disney but I used one in MA and they were wonderful!

They are FANTASTIC!!! We drive also and our two “kids” go too. They have a lot of options to chose from. They will dispense meds, special foods etc. On two separate occasions they texted & called to notify me of issues with our oldest. They’re a bit in the pricy side but if you are staying on property you’ll receive a discount. My feeling is, they’re going to have to be kenneled anyway I’d rather have them close to me. Really, if I said all the good things I’d sound like an infomercial! They have a great website.

Thanks! I looked at the website, and read a ton of reviews on Yelp. Most of them were really good, with the occasional sprinkle of some really bad ones. I know people only tend to write reviews when they have a really good or really bad experience, so I figured I’d just post the question and get some honest answers :slight_smile: I reserved a spot for my trip and they said I can cancel up to 48 hours out with no penalty. Appreciate the response!

They are great to work with if you need to make changes to your reservation before you get there. Also check their extras. Extra walks, ice cream, play group etc. I’m also sure they made you aware of canine influenza going around. Your kiddo(s) will be well cared for. Easy in & out as they are located right across from Riverside. When we Disney, the dogs Disney! Have a great time!

Yes, I heard about the influenza. We are moving from CA to FL, so I’ll be sure to get him vaccinated right away!

Just a heads up,if you didn’t know it’s a two part vaccine. I had to check on that one. Two weeks apart. They require a clear fecal also. My apologies if you know all this already! I’m not a review poster I just go on & on & on & on. . . :grin:

I just took my dog yesterday to get vaccinated, me my vet said they vaccinate for canine influence with their Bordetella vaccine which they spray in the nose. Based on your post, I’m wondering if they know what I was talking about :frowning:

Influenza is an injection, and it requires a booster 3-4 weeks afterward, then it’s good for a year and you’ll get a new one each year with bordetella. Make sure wherever you get the influenza done that it’s the correct strain, should be H3N2. I work at an animal hospital so let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks! I googled it after that last post. We’re moving from CA to FL next week so I’ll have to wait until we get there to get it due to the booster. I don’t think my vet has it or even knew what I was talking about.

@SugarGliderNH is correct. Just called my vet and they’ve never heard of the nasel spray! To be safe, I’d get a copy of the medical insert, you know the insert we get with prepackaged meds that looks & reads like an EPA report. Then your new vet will know exactly what he’s dealing with. Also, mine has never heard of giving influenza & bortella together. Also, and this is a suggestion, if you already have a new vet in mind, call them and ask what they recommend before your move.

I called my vet back to let them know and they still had no clue. I’m wondering g if it’s just not given here because it’s not prevalent. I’ll just have to wait until I arrive in FL to get it.

It’s not that widespread so most places don’t vaccinate for it. There are random outbreaks once in a while but usually by the time it happens the vaccines we have are for the old strain and not useful. There was recently an outbreak in the north east but I’m not familiar with what’s happening in FL.

The Southeast has been hit hard with it. Best Friends Kennel sent out an email regarding the situation. I hope you got it! Good luck with the move!

Before you move make sure to get a copy of the immunization record/ certificate for the new vet and for the doogie daycare.

How’d the move go? Were you happy with Best Friends Kennel? Hope all went well!

Move went well so far. We still don’t have internet or cable! My trip isn’t until Dec so I’ll keep you posted, but my dog got the first flu shot last week and will get the other one soon!

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