Disney is Better Than Therapy - a Trip Report

I’m not alone here in saying that the last two years have been brutal. DH and I had a couple’s Disney trip planned for Dec. 2020 - tacked onto one of his work conferences and over his birthday. Instead the conference was canceled and he found himself among the unemployed and the trip was not an option.

Over my 40th birthday last year we endured a crazy Texas freeze - losing power and water. This trip was my 40th birthday celebration, capped by a birthday dinner on my 41st.

In both October and December my family had Covid. The fall out from the missed school and attempting to catch up on all the things took me to a very low place. It’s been a slow climb out.

This trip was :100: better than therapy for me. It was crowded, but we were almost always ahead of the crowds. The CMs were always amazing. We enjoyed food and amazing cocktails. I had fun and fun and fun; I knew I needed this break but came home far more refreshed than I even thought possible. I’m refreshed and recharged. And I got to do it all with DH - a very rare gift of “just us” time.

4 nights with 4 parks over 3 park days. 1 night Wyndham in DS, 3 nights Pop.

Wednesday - Day 1 - MK & HS

Wake up at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista. Checked in at 12:30 am and up a few short hours later for RD. (Last minute Hotwire win for $73/night plus resort fee - great spot - a do again). Left luggage stored there.

7 am Designated MK shuttle - Punctual. Distracted me from my ILL/LLs game. :-1: But Wyndham does get EE. Worth noting the shuttle gets you there plenty early.

7:00-7:06 Genie+ fail for Rise (too late read the 7:17 tip), tried JC, booked something for 5 pm (too late) by accident. Panicked as it took 5 minutes to figure out how to cancel, secured Splash for 1:25 was a cranky start to my day. Instead of sticking with it for something better I tossed my phone away. My frustration was killing the fun, and I wasn’t going to let that keep happening.

7:40 8-10 people back at the taps to MK
When the Taps finally opened the family in front of us couldn’t get through. So annoying to watch the people in the other lines fly around us.

At 7:55 held until 8:28 at Cosmic Ray’s. We were a couple of people back from the rope as the masses gathered behind us.

We rode 7DMT after 7 minutes in line. It’s so thrilling to walk onto a ride and then come out on the other side and see the line spilling into the walkway.

Next up! Space mountain (off by 9:17) left me feeling a little woozy so…

People mover! (9:30) & made MO for Sleepy Hollow since we’d only had light snacks waiting for RD.

Caught the Dapper Dans and basked in front of the Castle on our way to Sleepy Hollow for fruit waffle, which we enjoyed in the quiet of the Sacred Spaces of Magic Kingdom ™. DH was impressed with our special reserved table!

Fell a little apart waiting for Peter Pan - TP sent us here, it ended up being a 70 minute wait and not the predicted 40. :-1:In line I grabbed a LL for POC 1:45.

CHH at noon - waited upstairs at a table for our MO to be ready. Restaurant was mobbed, but upstairs still a respite.

Enjoyed a Dole whip - no MO immediately available. We walked over and, as @sanstitre_has_left_the_building said, the MO line was wilder than standby. Standby line worked great!

Used Splash mountain LL (my favorite view is at the top of the drop. DH rides for me)

Used Pirates of the Caribbean - LL

Stopped for a castle picture and almost got carried away. Thus we missed the monorail by 5 seconds (held back as they closed doors) Missed 2:30 shuttle by 30 seconds.

2:32- caught SDD drop for 4:05

Grabbed cab because next shuttle was in an hour and I didn’t have the energy to hike to the Poly for DS bus and walk from DS to Wyndham.

Ubered from Wyndham to Pop Century. We had Room 1413 - not the building I requested but top floor corner next to stairs and couldn’t be any closer to the lobby. Good location. Pretty quiet for Pop.

First ever ride on Skyliner. We loved the Skyliner so much! It felt like we were walking into Hollywood Studios in no time to tap in at 4:17 for SDD. DH endures coasters rather than loves them, but he really loved this ride. I wish you could tell from the photo that we were in the very front!

I snagged Star tours LL - not needed - I know this ride doesn’t get a lot of love but I always enjoy it.

Hopped in line for MFSR (30 min standby) @ 5:15. DH and I were pilots and rode with an older couple. We were terrible! :joy:

I gleefully used the force in front of the Falcon. DH takes this more seriously.

We had Docking Bay 7 dinner @6 - I had ribs and a delicious floral pink drink (I should look up the name, but It’s not like there were a lot of floral drink options). DH had Poke.

We took our weary bodies to the standby line for ROTR at 6:40, posted 95 minutes? TP said 79. It was down for an hour but we stuck it out, off at 9:33, barely making our Oga’s ressie 9:35.

ROTR is really amazing. Disney is justifying taking all my money if they keep making rides like this.

Oga’s at 9:40 - outer rim and blue milk and cookie.

Back on skyliner by 10:22 and in our room by 10:42. Have I mentioned I love the Skyliner?

I was really frustrated this day by G+, missing the ROTR ILL, and the breakdown - which left me stressed at 9 pm when the line had hardly moved in the hour since reopening and we had a 9:35 Oga’s reservation coming up. We’d also not counted on but had hoped to get into line for MMRR before park close. In retrospect - while not G+ at it’s most efficient, we saved a lot of time with Splash and POC LLs in the middle of the day. ROTR at the end of the day isn’t a bad plan, but given the break down I would still have preferred to purchase an ILL.

Overall, even with frustrations, a great day.


“My frustration was killing the fun and I wasn’t going to let that happen”…

I could feel the frustration coming through when I was reading, and I hate that it was so frustrating for you, but I love the part I quoted and am going to put it in my planning notes. Some of this is just going to happen on our trip, and this is the perspective I will need.

I’m so glad you were able to go and that the trip helped so much! My DH and I have both been unemployed during the past year (one voluntarily, one not so much), and it has not been an easy time.

Love the pic of you getting carried away, and looking forward to reading more of your report!


Reminders to keep the fun alive are always so important!


That “carried away” picture is great! What a nice keepsake. Glad you are rolling with the punches and having fun!


I love how this turned out!


Thanks for the report!

I was telling DH about your no power/water and the 6 weeks of the first Covid visit. And the missed birthdays. And then your great Disney getaway.

He’s usually ack Disney been there done that, but not today. He was glad y’all had a wonderful time together. Which makes me think we’ll have a great time on our next trip. :grin:


Day 2 HS/EP - No G+

Up 6 am and in Line for skyliner by 6:50. We were on the bridge but the line soon snaked down the lakeside sidewalk.

Skyliner was running at 7:15, on by 7:30, HS in line for MMRR by 7:48. Tapstiles were already open at arrival, and we were allowed to hop right in line near the front. We were watching the pre-show 8:29.

The ToT line was super long and down, much to my DH’s delight. ROTR was also down, so I was thankful we’d already ridden and not had to gamble again with an ILL time or a disappointing rope drop.

Climbed into the RNR line where I attempted to buy Remy ILL, but apparently never got confirmation screen after pressing final purchase button. I should have waited but squirrel! and only realized much later. This was really disappointing.

RNR was posted 30, with the actual just under. We were off ride by 9:10. They’d emptied the ToT line completely by the time we came out and the CM didn’t know when or if it would be back up.

We meandered through some shops to the MFSR single rider 9:40 off by 10. Engineer was a good spot for me, and the teenager pilot seemed to maybe know what he was doing. :joy:

DH pulled off his mask for this photo since he’d been denied the day before (technically, we watched someone else try and get scolded).

Standby by this point was already to the switchbacks on the far side of the Falcon. Single rider? Less than 20. Brilliant.

As we headed to the front of the park the SDD line was all the way out to here. The Juxtaposition between the two signs really caught my attention!

Caught Chip and Dale!

We shopped and watched a cavalcade down the blvd. Fell in love with the Alice in Wonderland housewares. Could have bought the whole tea set, but settled for these.

Not sure how much the creamer pitcher will get used, but the sugar bowl is already on the counter!

Skyliner to Riviera for Toppolinos

Sky looked a little ominous so we allowed a little more time.

Checked in early for 11:05 ressie. Ordered drinks at the bar, but our names were called before we got them. Being a party of two has its perks!

Who was it that accidentally ordered the old fashioned? DH ordered that and it was ah-ma-zing.

I had the steak and DH the sausage and hash. So. Delicious.

Stepped out for the view.

Love this resort! I know it gets a lot of grief for not being “Disney enough” but I’m really okay with that. I like subtle much more than in your face. After our very late breakfast (late TS breakfasts for the win!) we drowsily popped over to Pop on the skyliner.

Nap time! And a Hop!

Back to hotel room for a nap. Remy had a shortish line when I checked so we cut our break short to see if we could catch it.


2:10 skyliner to Epcot put us way too behind the hopping crowd. (Hop drop?!) expected wait doubled.

Joined a luncheon since we were dressed for the part.

Revived DH with a slushy and rootbeer floats. At the America pavilion we saw the 3:00 Voices of Liberty followed by American Adventure. The first gave me goosebumps while the second encouraged a second nap.

We had Mini beef Wellington. Since we were full we felt that we could

Cross the Delaware.

Then we followed our ears to the drums in Japan.

Mexico Pavilion. Tres Caballeros. Stopped by La Cava for the Avocado margarita.

Sat down and tried to upload this pic in response to @Jeff_AZ ’s earlier tag.

Alas my phone was not up to the challenge. :joy:

DH loved the Poutine in Canada. It’s not my thing.

Quick ride on SSE.

Stopped to watch Alberta Bound instead of hoofing it back to America for the Broadway performance. Watched (other people’s!) kids dance and just enjoyed.

Found the relaxing garden behind England but there were no free benches.

7:15 I darted across oncoming human traffic to plant myself on a bench just next to France; we were out of juice. We considered our options but decided to call it a day and get sleep ahead of another long day. Sadly a good call.

Also, I just haven’t figured out how to navigate Epcot except for in small chunks. Or we shouldn’t have cut our rest time short. Or we needed one of the ADRs that I didn’t think we needed. :woman_shrugging: But we were asleep before the fireworks had finished. :sleeping:


Can I heart this twice! This is so sweet. I’m so thankful this trip actually happened. I think we enjoyed it more because it’s simply a hard thing to do in easy times.


We’ve started around the World so many times - have yet to finish.

Years ago, like 2000 - 2010, we’d do Epcot every evening. Arrive abt 5. Do a FW pavilion or two followed by 2 or 3 WS pavilions, with supper at one of them. Probably messed us up for any other kind of touring.

So glad you’re getting good rest/sleep breaks. :+1:

eta: love :heart_eyes: those salt/pepper shakers!

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I’m with DH, I really DO NOT like ToT. DH loves it though :woman_facepalming:
My squirrel just happened with a raccoon fight in the front yard… where was I? Oh yes… no ToT, sorry about stupid new system that made you miss out on Remy :disappointed_relieved:
I absolutely LOVE the new salt and pepper shakers and am now in the market :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love how many people share this! My dad had a replication of the original in our dining room growing up. He was an artist and this was one of his favorite pieces. This is a MUST SEE next trip. I didn’t even know it was a thing until the last few trip reports I’ve followed. Where is it, if I may ask? I’m assuming America Pav but just want to make sure…


The avocado margarita is the best!!

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It’s actually just on the way in from the international gateway. Before you even get to the bridge to head to France. We crossed the Delaware in America.

This is actually my favorite way to do the World Showcase, with a separate day for rides. Just not enough time this trip.


So. Good.

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Well this just makes me so dang happy!! What a great first couple of days (despite LL/ILL hitches).

I love all the pictures you guys have together!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Now I’m craving one.

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I live in Texas. There has got to be a place somewhere around here that serves something similar, right?!

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Love the castle pic, you guys are so cute!


Thank you!

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There really should be in Texas.

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