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Disney: You’re fired! Now train your replacements http://www.cnbc.com/id/102732047

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Truthfully, the article is a great click bait spin to get people to visit various sites. As far as its accuracy…well, not so much. In my husband’s department, there are now more US workers who have been hired on since the reorganization than there were to begin with–and there is the India contingent in India that are handling things during off hours for US offices. (When Shanghai opens, there will be as many Disney parks that are not in the US as there are in the US, so they need international coverage.)

With Disney, unless it is something like shutting down an entire animation studio or the mass layoffs that occurred right after 9/11, if you have skills, keep your skills current, and are a good fit in the company, you can move around to another position during reorganizations. If you don’t have both of those, you won’t be long for Disney…and you probably won’t have much luck finding employment anywhere in the US, sadly.


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