Disney in the rain

Pro tip (from an amateur)

Should the opportunity ever arise to ride Big Thunder and Splash back to back, at night, during fireworks, in a relentless Central Florida downpour, I highly recommend it. Soaked to the bone and just had some of the most fun I’ve ever had at Disney.

Except for the cast member at Splash, who when I asked if I should worry about getting wet, glared at me like I was a Progressive guy who just turned into his parents. These are the dad jokes, kid! I have no regrets!

And now, I sit and people watch all the cranky people fight crowds on the way out. Fun day!


Officially added to my Disney bucket list!

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That’s the way I feel… once I’m damp then I might as well be soaked.

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I generally HOPE it rains when going to parks. Home and Wallyworld.

I love these commercials!!

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