Disney Hotel closed


I have reservations for the Wilderness Lodge the first week of December. If it does not open by December, when will disney send me a choice of alternative accommodation?

I had December reservations at POFQ. I had to call Disney to get changed to a resort that was open. We were not given a choice of resorts. Our rate was price protected to the bounceback rate that we had. So, for the price that we were paying at POFQ, we are now staying at CSR at GDT. You can not make any changes to your reservation to get the price protection.

If it isn’t open now, it is doubtful it will open by December. I would call and just say you noticed WL isn’t going to be open by your trip and wanted to know where they were going to move you to. They might offer you options to choose from, or simply tell you where you will end up. I think if there is a legitimate reason their choice won’t work they will allow a different choice, but it would have to be for something like the room they offered doesn’t have enough beds or something. Typically they will offer something equivalent nor better.

Umm, am I missing something? I’m staying in BRV and isn’t that part of WL? I just got an email it was time to make my ADR but nothing about the resort being closed…

DVC is open, just the normal rooms are closed, as I understand it.

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Gotcha - and we rented DVC so I forget that means us because I don’t feel like DVC (haven’t been to Disney since I was 14!!!)

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Well you picked an interesting time to go back!!

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I know!
Kids will do that though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We planned this before Covid. Replanned it. Thought about about canceling…a lot. But decided it’s been a hell of a year and we’re all in! My mom and sister may never get the chance to go with us again (for various and numerous family drama reasons). Kids are 3, 6, and 8 and I’m the homeschool teacher for the two oldest. They’ve adapted well but it’s a lot for us all. Selfishly, we need a vacation and I know it won’t be the same as before but but we are ok with it! They don’t know what to expect anyway and will be excited no matter what (I hope!)


From a crowd point of view it should be fab! You’ll have a great time, and there’s nothing selfish about needing a break.


In 2015 we had WL reservations and they started the WL construction for the DVC. Our travel agent suggested we relocate and told Disney they should relocate us to a MK resort which basically meant one of the 3 monorail resorts. We ended up staying at the GF but paying WL prices. Not sure if you can pull that one off & our travel agent did the heavy lifting of getting Disney to agree to that premise, but it is worth a try…Good luck…

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