Disney, have you forgotten about Garden Grill Breakfast?

With all the other restaurants opening now or soon to open, it appears my beloved GG Breakfast has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

Where can I get the Sticky Buns ?!?!?!

Any rumors?


Funny timing, I spent like 30 minutes earlier today scouring the interwebs in search of rumors of GG breakfast returning. I couldn’t find a thing…

WDWMagic is reporting that several meet and greets are being cut due to a shortage of character CMs. With character dining mostly returning, plus Fantasmic starting again, they have a real problem filling the roles.


GG breakfast is still one of my favorite meals. We ate there in December 2019. We were there the second week Rise had opened and you had to be line up early at DHS to get in the park to get a BG. We arrived at DHS just before 6AM, were let in around 6:30 (official opening time wasn’t until 7AM) got BGs, rode ASS, and TSMM twice and then scored a pre-park breakfast at GG. I think Epcot opened at 9:00 but we were there a little after 8:00. Had an awesome meal and then hit Soarin just as Epcot opened. First and only time I’ve ever rope dropped two parks in one day. Those were the good old days.


That’s pretty dang cool. There ought to be a badge.


We did a stupid o’clock Rise arrival, hit a few rides then RDed Soarin in January 2020 (the day the first US covid case hit the news, actually) as well.

I also miss GG breakfast. Breakfast, in general, seems lacking.

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We also loved the GG breakfast. I hope it does come back. I have a hard time eating pot roast when it’s crazy hot outside so lunch and dinner are not appealing.

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I’m with you on this. Miss this breakfast, especially those dang sticky buns!!! I’ve tried to recreate them at home but it’s not the same!! :laughing:

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We liked the GG breakfast too. I especially liked the family style dining with two littles. Buffets can be hard when you have more than one person you’re making a plate for. And I have to admit that I have an odd fondness for Living with the Land, so I like that you can see some of the ride from the dining room.

We’d probably consider it even without the characters. Though hopefully then the price would be a little lower. What’s that? Why do I hear uproarious laughter in the distance?


I could have said the same, word for word. I love LWTL and although, the characters at Garden Grill breakfast are super cute, I’d eat there without them. We really enjoyed the food and the revolving view.


I completely agree. On the Disney Dish they have talked about several surevys abiut breakfast feom Disney. I am like

  1. what table service breakfast? (Boma, Ohana and WC aside)
  2. how about opening QS breakfast before 7:00? I’m not a “catch the bus 90 mins before EE” rope dropper, but even for me 7:00 is pretty late.

We would eat there despite the characters, so would definitely eat there without them. We ate there before our first ride on LWTL (not me, but DD and DH). Think that added to us loving that ride.


Ale and Compass
Trattoria al Forno

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I think some do open at 6 or 630, but overall yes

What they need is better breakfast IN PARK


Agree - that is mostly what I meant. And honestly making it easier to FIND breakfast in park. Without chat I would have been lost where to find it.

This summer we got caught by POP not opening until 7:00. Currently, no where opens before 6:30. The ones that do are the theee All Stars, Gasparilla Grill, Kona Cafe to Go, the Mara and maybe one more. A random assortment (probably based on staffing) but no consistency. It didn’t occur to me to check, but was glad I had granola bars in my bag.


Ah I misunderstood then. Sorry! Lol

My examples were poor! I was particularly thinking of those PPOs that haven’t returned.


are not exactly setting the “in park” breakfast world on fire!


The number of people saying “Wait, where did you get that?” about my breakfast sandwich in AK (Y&Y local food QS) kinda says it all about the lack of communication around breakfast offerings. That park especially, since it opens earlier than the other parks.


I did not even know that Y&Y served breakfast until that time that @Randall1028 directed me to it on a solo AK morning