Disney gift cards available at Disney stores?

Do Disney stores sell gift cards? I’m buying DD a gift card in the amount of all the coins she rolled from DH’s change jar, and I’d like to buy one that has something other than Mickey on it. I know I can get other styles at the Disney store online; does anyone know if I can get other styles at the store?

We have a disney store at the Mall of America and they have a selection of cards to choose from.

We have them in the DFW stores as well.

Just so you know you aren’t being ignored over here… I didn’t respond because I don’t have a Disney store within 200 miles of where I live, so I have no first-hand experience to share…

Magic, Tiana, bswan, it took me all day, but I’m responding! Thank you for the information. I’m home now, and on my PC. I can’t post here on my iPhone.

You can Also order on line for free shipping if you have time and I believe you can personalize it.

Also, the cards you buy at the Disney Store can be loaded for up to $1000. The ones my local Walgreens sells can only be loaded to $500

Thanks, everyone. I ordered online because I have enough time before our trip. You can personalize the ones online, but I called a halt to that nonsense when I found myself spending an hour scrolling through our Photopass pictures looking for one to put on the card. There comes a time when you have to admit that one of the 100+ that Disney has available is good enough. Frozen it is!

Haaaa @BackIntoTheFray that is so something I could catch myself doing. I know my obsession is bad when even I think it’s crazy!

Isn’t it funny when you catch yourself? Step away from the crazy!

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Look what came today!