Disney Gift Cards at Resort

Was wondering if I could apply Disney Gift cards to my resort room account to use for meals while I am at WDW. The trip is paid for, but will still have some to use for the trip. Can you either add gift cards to your account online or will they add these to your resort room when you check in?

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use the gift card for transactions in the parks or at restaurants? You can manually enter it for G+ or mobile order or hand it off when you purchase.

You could charge everything to your room and then go every few days or so to pay down the balance with a GC so it doesn’t hit your CC.

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I think you have to have a balance in order for them to apply them to your account.

But if you stop by daily you sure can do that!

You can also use them directly at time of purchase which may be easier in some situations


I’d prefer to just charge it back to the room vs carrying gift cards

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That makes a lot of sense.

So just stop by the desk upon your return to have the gift cards applied to the balance you’ve racked up over the course of the day.


Yes, this.

I can only guess they had too many people throw their cards away and that is why they won’t take them in advance. They can’t refund you if you throw the card away.

Weird you can put money on your cruise account from them though.


++ @OBNurseNH … Been there, done that and zero issues


Both recent trips we carried gift cards with great success. We paid a balance on our room upon arrival, and used the cards for everything throughout the day with the exception of booking $LL. Too much stress and pressure of messing the numbers up, so I always use Apple Pay or the linked credit card for that.

One protip to keep in mind is that you can combine your gift cards, and store them all, on disneygiftcard.com We would load several cards on to one, have myself or DW carry that one and the other would keep the empty card. If you lose the one with money, transfer the balance to the empty card and crisis averted.

You can also charge to your room and go pay the balance every night, but that seemed more cumbersome and easy to forget to do after a short 14hr day in the parks.

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Another tip is to put your GC number and pin in a notes app on your phone - you can then copy & paste it into your mobile order.

Some electronic gift cards also allow you to add it to your apple wallet.


Oh yes, this a great tip and huge time saver!

I have done this a couple of times. I was told to go to the front desk before midnight the last night and let them use them pay off the balance with gift cards, letting the rest go to the credit card on file. Success both times, no hassle, no problems.
MUCH easier then paying per transaction. That is a PIA. The only reason I will tolerate a MB is for easy purchasing power and LL entrance of course.

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This suggestion may be way, way out-of-date, but I’ve had front desk CM’s actually tell me I could use a gift card on all purchases charged to my room including balances already processed to my credit card on file from the resort. I’ve had this happen more than once.

On previous stays, Disney would charge my credit card once the daily balanced reached $100. I was not allowed to add a gift card at check-in to cover future purchases, but did use them to pay off each day’s balance upon returning to the resort in the evening. But when I forgot to do that daily, the balance may have already been sent to my credit card if it was over $100 (I have the credit card app on my cell phone, and it sends me a security text alert every time a charge over $100 is received). It was at this time that front desk CM’s would tell me if I used a gift card to cover all charges, they would simply process a refund to my credit cards for what was already processed. Or I could wait & do that when I checked out. I never actually did that. Now I just use gift cards as I buy stuff, and then allow all the accumulated magic band purchases to hit the credit card once we check out. And yes, I’m one of those types who keep all receipts and final resort folio statements until the final bills cleared correctly.

Anyway I tell you all that to suggest you simply ask the front desk folks when you check in how they handle this sort of thing these days. My experience is somewhat dated. You may still be able to use all your gift cards in a single transaction. But I’d ask first. I could be wrong these days. Good luck.