Disney Gift Cards at Kroger

Just a heads up - if you purchase a Disney GC from Kroger this week (until 2/14/15) you get 4x the fuel points for it! HOWEVER, it has to be one of the pre-determined increment cards (my store sold $50 cards). I didn’t realize this, purchased a card on which I picked the amount to load, and only got 2x the fuel points. Kroger customer service was excellent and with my receipt and some info they credited my account the points I had missed out on. Other “Entertainment” category cards will also get you 4x the points so check it out!

If you aren’t familiar with the Kroger Fuel Points program:

  1. You can redeem 1000 points at a time (rules about how these points are used and when they are redeemed are available at https://www.kroger.com/fuelfaqs)

  2. 1000 points means $1 off per gallon (for up to 35 gallons purchased in one session- to maximize savings we take both vehicles and fill up each before ending that fueling session/paying)

Total potential savings = $35

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I wish I had a Kroger near me!

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They are a great supermarket! For those of you without a Kroger close-by use this tip:

1)Find a Kroger on the way to WDW (none in FL but there are several in surrounding states)

  1. Purchase your Disney GCs at a Kroger with a Fueling Station (points can also be redeemed at Shell!). They ALWAYS get 2x the Fuel Points - for example, $100GCs (set or variable increment cards!) will get you 200 Fuel Points, resulting in 20 cents off per gallon at the pump!
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