Disney Gift Cards - ACT NOW!

Just a heads up to anyone who has Disney gift cards and hasn’t seen / forgotten about the changes coming.
This is posted on the site:

DisneyGiftCard.com will be upgraded on January 20, 2021. All existing DisneyGiftCard.com account details (logins and gift cards added) will no longer be available after January 19, 2021. As a reminder, your account is not a mobile wallet and should not be considered as such. Always be sure to keep your physical and digital Disney Gift Card(s) with you as it will be required to make any purchases.

Once live on January 20, 2021, the enhanced site will allow visitors to utilize their existing ‘Disney account’ to login; using the same login credentials across multiple Disney sites and apps including: shopDisney, My Disney Experience, WaltDisneyWorld.com and Disneyland.com.

Prior to the website enhancement on January 20, 2021, please be sure that you take the following steps:

Have access to your Disney Gift Card(s), including your full 16-digit account number and EAN to add your card(s) onto the updated website.
Starting January 20, 2021, please visit DisneyGiftCard.com to create a new account, or use your existing Disney account login, and enter your gift card(s) information into the My Cards section.

If you have gift cards stored on the site but don’t have the physical card you must transfer the money to a physical card you do have, otherwise the money will be lost. (Not sure how ethical that is, but never mind).

I assume when you buy a digital card you get an email with those details, so you’ll need those too. At least I hope you do, since they only started selling e-gift cards internationally fairly recently and we can’t get physical ones.


There is another thread but I just posted a link and screen shot on that thread. Your summary will give all the info in one place.

Great reminder !

I thought there had been one but couldn’t find it!

I just saw someone on Mouseowners post, so wanted to make sure people were aware.

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Hmmm…if Disney issued me a refund on gift cards that were emailed to me, will those be ok? Or do I need to move to an actual physical card?

I think digital ones will be OK as long as you have the details you need to be able to add them to the new system. But I’d suggest calling to make sure.

I am trying to move this thread up as a reminder!


For anyone who hasn’t seen this, you need to log in and click on “Important Information”.

The site is changing after Tuesday and all existing card information will be deleted. And neither you nor Disney you will be able to access it. It isn’t just being moved, it’s being deleted.

You must have a physical card and re-enter the details onto the site after the change. I don’t know what the position is for e-cards. I suggest you buy a physical card and transfer the balance now.

Bumping this again!


I received a digital Disney gift card from a DVC presentation that I still have a few dollars on.

Might this be included in the 20 January overhaul?

Or I could spend some time this afternoon at the Disney Store . . . :grin:

Do you have the info saved somewhere other than the Disney Gift Card site? If you have, you can save it (unless you are just looking for an excuse- in that case- it must be spent today😉).

I don’t have the info saved any where but any old excuse is welcome when spending money at Disney. :wink:

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Thank you for the reminder and the bumps!

Thanks! Just got my balance on a card I have in my wallet.

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It’s now after 1/20/21 and I can still log into the Disney gift card site and see my old saved cards and information. Did the upgrade get delayed? Did they do the upgrade but just not lose data? Anyone know?


Delayed it is. Thanks. Don’t know how I missed that update on the site.

Haven’t messed with the new site yet, especially after seeing the issues @lizzieanne771is having. But, does anyone know if you are still limited to 5 cards per account?

I have 11 I need to keep track of (in case we ever cancel our cruise and get a refund). And I used to use 3 different email accounts for it. But now I just have access to 2 (mine and DH’s).

I was able to log in just fine, and it says 6.

Since they didn’t warn people of that before the change I bet there are going to be a lot of phone calls from people needing to transfer balances from cards they can’t manage online.

Typical cluster that we’ve come to expect from Disney IT. How about having put that on the initial warning? :angry:

But every card can be managed online, as long as you have the full card number. Add cards, transfer balances to consolidate, delete cards, while never having more than 6 at one time or exceeding $1000 on any one card. I’m not sure what they would have to call for, unless I’m missing something.