Disney Gift Card at Target

I don’t know if this was a fluke or not, but I got a Disney Gift Card at Target for a great deal. The card is marked as having a $360 value, but it rang up at $350. I asked the cashier about it, but he couldn’t change the amount. I figured it was a misprint on the card. I did use my RED card for another 5% off. When I checked the value later, it was the full $360, even though it only cost me $332.50!


Wow! That’s a great deal!!!

Wow! Makes me want to run out to Target rn and check! Don’t think they are open at 6am though…

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It’s a great hack that I tell anyone who even mentions Disney to me. The RED card gets in in trouble buying things I don’t really need, but for my trip it’s been great. I bought enough to cover the cost of my package. Saved me a pretty nice chunk of money off of my reservations.

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I don’t shop at Target, but I maintain a Target card for the sole purpose of buying Disney cards.

Actually - I get Target gift cards from my credit card rewards, then i go o line and buy gift cards. My payment method is saved as my target card, so even though I’m using gift cards to buy gift cards I still get the 5%!

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Oh, is the $360 card always $350? Or are you referring to just the red card discount?

I thought you could no longer use target gift cards to buy other gift cards? Have you done this recently?

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They sell a $360 GC? In store? :open_mouth:

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I found the $360 gift cards at a Target store in Nashville. They were on the display near the greeting cards, not up by the registers. It rang up at $350, PLUS I got the 5% redcard discount on top of that. Again, not sure if this was a lucky mistake or what, but I was happy to have it! I still have money due on my hotel stay, so I may try again today and see if it happens again.


Oh man. No. It’s been 6 months. That would stink.

Last time I tried that it didn’t let me do it. The time before I saved 10%, so was a bummer.

That’s correct. You can no longer use Target GIFT cards to buy other gift cards, but you can still use the Target RED card to buy gift cards.

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I don’t think they allow that anymore. Most places won’t allow you to buy a gc with a gc

Does anyone know how long a Disney gift card is good for? I would like to start saving for our next trip January 2021.

I’m glad I’m learning this early.
So disappointing. Worked last fall! :sob:

There is no expiration for Disney cards.

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Bought 2 more $360 cards at Target yesterday. Same deal. After register discount and Red card discount, I only paid $665 for $720 worth of cards. I’ve now paid for my room and tickets this way. Will go get one more for spending money once we arrive.


Where are you seeing the 360 cards? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them

I found them in the end cap of gift cards near the greeting cards.

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Boo none of the targets around me have them. Highest they go is $100.