Disney Genie App vs Touring Plans

Have the computer guys at Touring Plan been able to get an inside peak at the Genie App from Disney? Somehow I don’t see Disney being able to out do or come close to improving what Len & company have created!!!

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I think Len has some insight but I think there will be a couple of big differences: 1.TouringPlans will not try to upswell us through their app 2. TouringPlans app will try to give us the sequence of rides that will work best for us . Genie possibly could give us a sequence that works best for the company.


I agree.

Genie is too close to operations to be able to focus on the consumer’s best experience. It’s a direct conflict of interest. TouringPlans, on the other hand, derives its success out of providing the best guest experience possible without the messy conflict of operational expenses to muddy the waters.


This, absolutely. Can Disney do better than TP? Without a doubt! So they want to? Not likely? Are they going to? Definitely not. For the reasons already given. They want to control crowd flows and distribute them better and will use the app to their advantage. Unless you pay for the premium experience.

Cue @ryan1 chiming in to complain about how this will be like FP+ at making lines longer for non-headliner attractions. :wink:


Disney gives false wait times to manage crowd control. Touring Plans give more accurate wait times for a more pleasant experience. I don’t see this changing with Genie. Genie might have other useful features, but I still plan to use Lines.


Even as Disney will likely use Genie for their operational benefit, it will still impact TouringPlans tools.
There used to be (perhaps still is) a touring plans FAQ wondering what impact would be felt if everyone started using touring plans. Wouldn’t that negatively impact the benefits of using a touring plan? The answer as I recall was something like, "Although we would love enough users using our plans to affect the whole system, there’s no way we (touring plans) would get that kind of mass adoption/use given WDW’s scale.
Being that Disney will have the ability to manipulate crouds (at more scale) even more than in previous ways (Fast pass, +, etc), will that have a negative impact on touring plans ability to predict wait times, plan development, etc. I have a hunch it will, but I’ll hang on to hope that the “Computer Overlords” at TP can adequately adapt to Disney croud manipulation.

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I think more people will use Genie than use TP. But I don’t think that will be a huge percentage of visitors on any given day.

I have faith that TP will be able to crack the Genie algorithm for crowd control and use it to their benefit. We have already heard that TP has insight into other Disney code to see what they are up to.

I can envision a TP algorithm that is monitoring the Genie and using that information to send liners elsewhere.


Trying to look on the bright (?) side one thing that I think would be nice (if it works, of course) is if Genie would send a notification if a restaurant you’re interested in has a reservation available during a certain day/time.

To fully monetize me, though, Bob C needs to bring back the specialty tours, lunch with AK Keepers and Imagineers, and afternoon tea at GF. I’m not going to br buying a bunch of fastpasses. Either I can go through the standby or the line is too long I’ll just go do something else.