Disney Florist

Has anyone used Disney Florist to get a in room welcome before? I know it is pretty pricey, but I can deal with that for my kids sake. I’m just wondering if it comes anywhere close to being worth the cost?

I have also read conflicting information about whether or not they can access your room prior to you checking in. I’ve read that you need to be checked in prior to them being allowed into your room. Which would seem to defeat the purpose of the in room welcome. However, I’ve also read that, that policy is different for club level guests and that it may be possible for them to get in your room ahead of time. Can anyone offer any help?

I’ve received 2 Disney Florist arrangements. The first was delivered after check in, and after a call to my room, at BC. (Club level,) The second was delivered to my room prior to my arrival at SSR.

Gorgeous arrangements. Hidden Mickeys in them!

Wow you are a wealth of information! It’s much appreciated. I also love the user name, my family and I can’t wait to get to the Poly in September


I used them 2 times. One for my kids and one for me and my cousin. My kids loved the Halloween package.

I did the in room welcome. What I did was when we arrived and went to the park, I called them and told them my room number. They ask for you to allow 2 hours for decoration and they don’t want you to be in the room. I had mine customized for my kids. I also customized my cousin and mine. I just don’t have pics of that :frowning: or I would send those too. I plan on using them again when I go back in February.


Wow! Thank you for the pictures! I never knew they did that!

Yes, our room both times was decorated beautifully! It is well worth the money, I believe :smile:

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I found some pics of our most recent trip :slight_smile:


We did the Mickey’s Magical Welcome :slight_smile: And switched it to Minnie’s Magical Welcome :smile:


Here’s the “Frozen in Time” arrangement my dear friend sent to my room.

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Detail of above…
And here is the detail of the “Minnie’s Garden.”

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That is beautiful! Those hidden Mickey’s are perfect!

I got the in room welcome for my son in 2009. It was not there when we first checked in and dropped off our luggage but when we got back from our park that evening it was all set up! It was wonderful. With Mickey footprints all over the floor, stuffed Mickey and basket of goodies on the bed, signed photo in a cute photo frame on the night stand, giant plushie mickey gloves, tinkerbell’s shadow that lights up on the wall and a note from Mickey and the gang welcoming my son to the park and saying sorry they missed him but they left him some goodies. And the Mousekeepers had fun with the stuffed Mickey and gloves the rest of the trip, never knew where they would be or what they would be doing when we got back to the room!

In my opinion totally worth the cost!

Just had one this past October. We were not club level at Boardwalk and it was already in the room when we checked in.