Disney Floral & Gifts- Arrival Day

I ordered some items to be delivered on our arrival day of our honeymoon. I am aware that it cannot be in the room upon checking in, but would like to ensure that they won’t hand it to us at the desk. We will be going out to dinner that evening, hopeful that it will be delivered then so when we come back to the room our items are there. Has anyone ordered anything on arrival day? How did it go?

I did for my daughter’s first trip. It was there about 3 hours after check in. I spoke with the front desk and explained I did not want it delivered while we were in the room. They were great about decorating the room while we were gone!

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I ordered for son’s 21st on arrival day.

Went up to TOTWL and hoped it would be delivered while we were out. It didn’t and I had to phone. Bell Services tracked it down but by the time it was delivered, birthday boy was in bed, and we were desperate to go to!

So have a quiet word at the desk and ask them to arrange for it to be delivered while you’re at dinner. They will be able to contact the Floral people.

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