Disney Family Shirts?

Ok I’d LOVE any and everyone’s custom family shirt recommendations! I’ve seen some good ones on here but the more suggestions the merrier…online, shops, etsy, etc…Lemme see what you’ve got! Pics are a plus! We leave in 23 days I need to be on it like this week, lol!
TIA! :smile:

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These are the ones we are getting for our November trip:


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Those are super cute!

These are the ones I made for our trip this past summer.



Wow! Great shirts!

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These are awesome! What machine/process do you use? I made some for our trip last fall, and while I was pleased with them, I’m up for trying different methods! We are a big family so reuse ours often for any family outing where losing a child is possible. We took our last fall’s shirts to D.C. this fall. We tried sharpie w alcohol chromatography (fail,no pics), spray paint (looked awesome, from the front only though), spray bleach (meh), and fabric silhouettes (had best contrast, easy to spot in parks, but labor intensive and I should have sewed them all on but I bought the no-sew iron-on so my needle got sticky) So still fine-tuning and looking for new systems and tricks! Pics included in case they help, either as a ‘do’ or a ‘do not’. :grin:


Hm thought I posted 8 pictures. Oh technology. Will keep trying!

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I love the fabric shirts! I broke down and bought a Silhouette Cameo and used it to cut out heat transfer vinyl then ironed it on the shirts. I’m pretty obsessed with it now and make shirts for every excuse I can find. Here are some more.



And I love matching shirts for spotting kids too!


Love, love, love the goofy shirts @tjkjbarton!

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The sharpie chromatography ones we made came out nicely AFTER we figured out you have to iron the bejeebers out of them to set the ink. Who knew? Normally you get sharpie on your clothing and it’s forever! The rubbing alcohol seems to downgrade the ink. A hot dryer does not work! A hot iron does

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How do these hold up over time after lots of washings? My biggest problem with the fabric is they curled/peeled badly over time.

Those are all great!

Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! I’ve ordered a shirt here and there from a few different shops I follow on Instagram…Happily Ever Tees (got matching Best Day Ever ones for DD and I) and a couple Disney Christmas themed ones over the past couple years from Once Upon Apparel and Happiest Tees on Earth, always been pleased with them. I got one that I absolutely love for myself from an Etsy shop (bohandcompany) - the one pictured here:


I actually just found out a friend of a good friend of mine has been making shirts for a couple years, and had some cute Disney ideas, just spoke with her today, ordered the shirts I wanted for DH, DS, DD and myself, and we came up with a matching idea/design, I will share here when it is done! She’s also doing an Ariel seashell tank for me to go with some mermaid leggings, I can’t wait lol.


Where do you get your cut files, or do you make them yourself? I have some HTV and want to try making my own shirts for our next trip, but I’m not sure I will have the time to make my own cut files…

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Thanks! Those are some of my favorites too.

They hold up well, but it took me a while to get the ironing process down to where I had them adhered enough. Even if they start coming up though you can just re-iron them.

That’s a great friend to have!