Disney fail

I don’t want to become one of those “Wishes was so much better than HEA, the old Soarin’ was so much better than the new one, Maelstrom was so much better than FEA”-types but …

Along with my luggage tags (which are apparently not as good as the ones they send to US people) (and don’t forget UK peeps don’t get magic bands sent to us) was a booklet “The Magic Starts Here”.

It’s dated 2018 Edition 2.

And nowhere does it mention TSL. It’s not even on the DHS map!

Disney does seem to be making some weird money-saving choices, while making some very large price increases all over the place.


Whilst I’m being down on Disney …

I’ve consistently been unable to check-in online. I’ve tried the app, the website, different computers, different days and times. No luck.

Just called tech support and their solution? Check-in at the front desk. Nothing they can do. They literally didn’t even try.

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Welcome to the club!

It is the season of festivus, after all. There was bound to be some airing of grievances.

Besides, Wishes IS better than HEA. :wink:

As for FEA vs. Malestrom… I like FEA. I just wish it was literally any place other than in EPCOT. Because Maelstrom fit the vision. FEA doesn’t. But I suppose I should just realise that EPCOT Center is no longer aiming for it’s original vision, and Let it Go, right?



This is so hard to do, though.

Actually, it WOULDN’T be so hard to do if Disney would convey some semblance of what the FUTURE vision is. What do they want Epcot to be in the future? If we had some idea what their vision is, we might be able to fall in line with that vision and accept it. But right now, it just all seems rather random.



Wait to see how they cheaped out on Christmas decor in MK! They pretty much only did Main street and the Hub, front of castle. Minimal decor, if any, in the rest of the park. It is most noticeable when standing behind the castle during the MVMCP and there are no lights except a random few on the side. Looks terrible. Now HS on the other hand, every inch is decorated and it looks amazing!

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Well, given how much smaller HS is (even with the new TSL), that doesn’t take much. :wink:

Besides, does it look as good as it did when the Osborne Lights were still there? I thought not.

ETA: I’m pretty much tongue-in-cheek this whole thread. Please read my snarky commentary as such!


I’m so bitter about missing those. And the amazing arch thing they used to have at Epcot.

In fact I’m glad my trip is going to get cancelled because from what I can tell Disney at Christmas is rubbish.

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Indeed. Crowds everywhere, nothing to do, no lights anywhere.

Not worth the time for anyone to see. Except the tens of thousands who flock in every day.

Wait…what??? You’re canceling your trip? What did I miss?

I assume he was being tongue-in-cheek.

I hope so…I need his trip as much as he does!:joy::joy::joy: I might be looking forward to it MORE than he is!

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There is a non-zero likelihood that I may not be able to go.

The only possibility for looking after Calvin is my friend Sarah. She is currently unwell with a likely cold. She will probably recover in time for my departure.

However, she will be living in my house with Calvin but also with her own dog. If Calvin is not well by the time they are due to arrive, she won’t want to risk the health of her own dog.

Calvin appears to be getting worse. Maybe these are the death-throws of the vile little bug that has caused him — and me! — so much woe.

I am a pessimist. I daren’t say out loud that I’m sure things will be fine and I’ll have a great trip. To do so would be to tempt fate.

One of my degrees is in Law and I might have made a good lawyer — I’m very good at focusing on all the things that can go wrong in any given situation!

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Based on the future IP plans that are coming to Epcot, I believe we will see plans to rename the park. It will soon be called Disney Florida Adventure

Seriously, though, I’m all for new rides in Epcot, but I definitely miss all of the futuristic world of tomorrow stuff I remember as a kid in the 80s. I know it’s difficult (and probably less popular than in was in the mid-20th century) to make predictions about the future, but c’mon, lets see some Mars colony stuff. How about long distance space travel to other galaxies. What about cities of the future when the REALLY become overpopulated? If they put out something on the scale of Horizons but completely new and fresh with visions for the future, I think they would be surprised what kind of a draw it would be. A rollercoaster is nice, but I can ride better rollercoasters anywhere.


Well, considering that it’s turning into another bland, un-unified character-palooza, DFA seems to be a perfect name for the new generation of the park.

Realistically, I don’t think they needed to try that hard. From Spaceship Earth all the way around, be it The Living Seas, Listen to the Land, Journey into Imagination, World of Motion, Horizons, Body Wars and Cranium Command, or Universe of Energy… All of the Ideas in Future World are still completely valid ideas. And I think that’s what bothers me the most: that they went from good and unique ideas for attractions, when all they needed was a refurb/refresh, and in some cases update (I’m looking especially at UoE and WoM), and went with “where can we shoehorn in another character”.

The Ideas of future world stood on their own. And instead of finding newer ways for the ideas to speak for themselves, they just said forget it.

EPCOT Center was a park whose fundamental core was about Idealism - the ways that both vision for the future and harmony around the world created those Ideals. Epcot is just a mishmashed character park.


I loved the retro decorations at HS. It reminded me of Christmas decorations my Grandma used to have.

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