Disney experience and FastPass+

We are booked at WDW resort hotel in July. My app is only showing FP available times for 30 days right now. When May 10th comes and we are able to make FP+ options, will it automatically open up for the 60 days or do I have to call WDW for that?

It magically opens up when you hit your 60 day mark until then only 30 will show.

Your hotel is linked in MDE?

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Yeah, it knows you’re staying there, but you might be trying to book for a time when you’re not staying, which is why you’re only seeing the 30 days right now. That confused me at first, too.

Make sure your room reservation is linked to your account. I have only done this once, but we are staying in June, and it only opened up at 60 days based on our resort room reservation dates… I never saw a 30 day window available. Think this might be your issue??

Since you’re seeing the 30 days available now I assume you have your ticket linked too.

But this is another pitfall that can happen, so thought I’d mention it.

I’m guessing you have booked a package? In that case your ticket will be linked to your reservation. I think it’s possible that the fastpass booking system won’t allow you to use it before the package starts.

If you have a reservation and ticket (or AP) linked separately, you can use your ticket at any time, so you will always see 30 days available, up until 60 days out from your reservation when it will magically open up.

Than you! Yes I have everything linked to MDE.