Disney email they are going to drop FPP

I am actually now considering having us use a park pass to go into MK before the party on the night we would go to MVMCP. I haven’t bought our party passes yet. If I buy them on a dummy account in case we don’t go to MK that day and I make 3 FP on them, what happens if we do go to MK that day before the party? Would we need to exit the park and then re-enter using the party cards and not scan in with our magic bands?

Nothing different. You would use your regular ticket for entry and prebook your normal 3 FP

Nope. There will be locations inside where you can get your party band. Make sure you chose the option to have RFID cards shipped to you for the party ticket on the dummy account. You will be able to book 3 FP in your dummy account too. Also make sure to scan the RFID card to access those FP and to get your party band. Don’t let them scan your MB. MB can still be used for photos.