Disney email they are going to drop FPP

Given my experience, I would just book all your regular days first (this is what the CMs said to do), then go back and book 2 only for during the party. Stick to the party hours (4P-6P). Watch your FPP selections, take screen shots, and if you get a notification from Disney that they noticed you have too many days of FPP booked, call right away.

This is what the CMs told me to do. It’s a hassle to call them, indeed, but it’s also a hassle to set up a dummy MDE and chance it with the 30 day FPP window.

Because they were placed by Guest Relations (in this case, via phone), they are not standard FastPasses, which have a specific 1-hour window (plus grace period), but able to be used anytime during the day.

Because they are not standard FastPasses, they also don’t “count” against your allotted number - which is how they avoid getting them swept again. Which means you should be able to book day-of “4th” FPs before you’ve used any of the special FPs you’ve been granted.

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Again I don’t believe this information from the CMs is true about FP booked prior to 4pm causes the drop issue. I don’t believe this work around will prevent the dropping from occurring. I can’t test it but it is not consistent with how the system has worked thus far.

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If they are all three anytime FP, then morning of you should be able to book 3 more FP without risking a drop on your last day. Total of 6 FP—3 special anytime and 3 regular FP


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It is my last day and only the 7D is an anytime. I think I’ll just wait until I get there in the park and use them up before adding another. I got all the FP I wanted so I’m happy with that. I wish the system were a bit more streamlined and consistent with party tickets. How difficult really would it be to say “bonus 2 FP from 4-6 only” or something like that.

Yeah the CM didn’t say the FP booked before 4 was the issue, but that the computer didn’t recognize party tickets as a park ticket. Since party tickets aren’t programmed to allow FP, the computer only sees how many days of park tickets there are.

The CM did say that they were instructed to only allow 2 FP- I had 3 on there and I asked him if I could keep 3 bc the first one was from 330-430, so I’d have time to use it when we went in. He said technically no, and so he canceled the first one. (He asked me first. It was ok with me.)

This whole thing confuses me. Last year was the first time Disney responded to questions and said party tickets do not get FPs. Now they seem to be saying “the problem is party tickets don’t get fast passes” but they are over riding it?


Yes I guess so! They need to figure out a policy and stick to it.

The CM I spoke with first was pretty adamant that it was OK to have FP during the 4-6 time period. I told him I was willing to drop the party day FP in order to keep my last day, but I’d read so much contradicting information that I wanted to double check the official policy. So, he went to lengths to write in notes that I called before the FP were dropped, so that in the case that they did drop the FP from the last day, the CMs could restore them without issue.

I’ve read other accounts where people get FP dropped and call, and the CMs say there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’ve read about some people keeping all the FP for party plus ticket days without issues.

It seems like there’s no set policy, which really increases the hassle factor and confusion for all sides!!

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I was on the phone with a CM today to book BBB. He was very kind and chatty and of course loved talking Disney planning (he tried to help me retool my ADRs, and talked me into booking EMM at TSL given the 1 d cancellation policy). So I asked him about party tickets and if you can book FP. He had to look up the info and said yes you can book between 4-7. I didn’t ask anymore about it and moved on. Things that make you go hmmmm…

Every disney telephone CM I’ve spoken with has been really nice. But sometimes (no often, really) their info is ~what can I call it?~ I’ll just say, not always accurate.

Just b4 booked @60 days, I was on phone w them a lot b/c the IT was crazy, while I practiced with 30 day window.

Got to talking re fpps for party. Said I’m not doing, TP says really no waits. She says: oh, you can’t get fpps during party. I say: I know of people who had, but their next day’s fpps cancelled. So their circumventing system with other MDEs, and working fine.

She says: that can’t be right. Let me talk to my manager. Comes back, says: Manager says can’t be done. Sigh.

At that point I thanked her for help with regular IT stuff, which she had done very nicely, and went on my little way haha!


This is actually a true statement. There are no FP during the party 7pm-12am. But you can book FP with a party ticket during regular park hours 8am-6pm or 9am-6pm.

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This still does not make sense to me. What about the DVC early entry they added this year? They can legitimately enter at 2pm with only a party ticket. So DVC people are also limited to FP 4-6pm even though they can be inside by 2pm?

This sounds like Disney making something up in order to address a glitch in the system that is inconsistent in live application.

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So @AuntB_luvsDisney- do you think it was a miscommunication? Although I’m pretty sure I mention 3:30-6pm fpps, while discussing with her. Well, I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt and say maybe I just said “during party”. Hmmm.

Nope. :wink: I think most CMs just don’t know the ins and outs of how the FP and MDE systems behave with different types of ticket media.


The CM I spoke with initially said no FP during the party. But then took it back to say none during the party but yes to booking them beforehand. That is when he gave those times as 4-7 but I think if he had thought about it again or I had pushed his answer then he may have corrected it to 4-6.