Disney eGift Card

I purchased (attempted to purchase) an eGift card from shopDisney.com. They took the money out of my account, but never sent the eGift card. They advertise that it can take up to 24 hours to receive the eGift card in your email. Well I waited 35 hours and still nothing. I spoke with a shopDisney agent (are they considered cast members?) and was put on hold for over twenty minutes while she tried to resolve the issue. I finally told her to just cancel the order. I now have to wait 5-7 days for the pending charge against my account to be cancelled. I should have read the reviews on shopDisney’s website. There were quite a few of the reviews who experienced the same thing I did. Oh well. Has anyone else had issues with shopDisney trying to order a gift card?

The only time I ever had a delay in getting my confirmation was my own fault - I misspelled my own name so my email put it in my spam folder.

I entered all my information correctly. For some reason, my order was stuck in Disney purgatory.

I wouldn’t use shopDisney again if my life depended on it. I wouldn’t make my worst enemy use them. Terrible, terrible service. Shocking.


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So I’ve never had any problem with shopdisney - i think the experiences can vary. one thing to keep in mind with service related reviews - people are much more to review a negative experience than a positive or even acceptable experience. Still there’s something to be said for finding multiple negative reviews as a caution flag. Again, not my experience with them and I’ve had shipping issues (shipping company end), returns from online to store, credits, etc.

Not with gift cards, but I ordered pajamas, a tree topper and ornament. A month later, it still didn’t ship. I sent an email hoping not to wait on hold. They responded and told me that I needed to call. I finally called and they said there was a problem with the order at distribution and they should ship it, but oh, by the way, the pajamas are no longer available and they will refund that part of the order. I can’t believe I had to call to find out the problem. I told them to cancel the entire order. She seemed shocked.

Hilariously, my recently submitted review of the poor quality product I bought from shopDisney has been rejected. I guess they only want to publish good reviews.

Please do share your review with us!!

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Was wondering also since I can easily imagine it – at minimum – approaching the restrictions :slight_smile:

I can’t. I didn’t keep a copy, and Disney won’t publish it or even let me edit it.

I told you not to buy that Winnie the Pooh underwear…

Please give us your version amiga!

I’m now on Day 3 of waiting for a Disney EGift Card. The transaction posted on the credit card so I don’t understand what the holdup is. I contacted Shop Disney yesterday and received an email today that they would resend it in 3-5 days. Unacceptable! I told them they never sent it in the first place and no one should wait 3-5 days for an email gift card. If I didn’t receive it in the next 24 hours I will be canceling. I’m really setting myself up on that decision because I’m sure that will become a whole new set of heartache and headache. Shop Disney is probably the worst e-commerce site when dealing with customer service.