Disney Early Morning Magic - Toy Story Land

Does anyone know (or have a good guess) as to when Disney will release dates/times to be able to reserve Disney Early Morning Magic for Toy Story Land in HS for 2020?

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I’m checking every day. If they do release it, either I’ll post here or someone else will. That’s how I found out they released the MK EMM dates.

I’m only guessing, but we probably won’t know anything until after RotR opens. I feel confident that it’ll be back, but Disney is putting a lot of CMs into SWGE during that opening and over the holidays. Once Ops can see what can of crowds are coming to DHS, they’ll have a better idea of how to set staff levels and set EMM days.

Again… just educated guesses.



There seem to be some websites offering alerts as to when there’s availability for EMM for Fantasy Land… haven’t seen any for Toy Story Land… anyone aware of one?

This is the o e extra I think we would pay for. So I’m waiting to see if it comes back too

The demand for something like this is so high that I think WDW will offer it at some point. I agree with @darkmite2 about why it hasn’t happened yet. And it may have to wait even longer until MMRR is up and running (not just RotR).

WDW could offer EMM for TSL and a separate EMM for SW:GE at the same time. Thus, they could sell the park twice during the same 75 minute period!

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I agree! It’s funny how in the space of a few years DHS has gone from a half-day park to a couple-of-days park.

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Yup. I skipped HS for years (or just went for a few hours some trips). Last month, we spent a full day there. Now I’m thinking about how fit in 1.5 days there next time.

DD4 really wants to meet the TSL characters (Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep and Buzz). And I know we will want to do MMRR and RotR. Can’t see how we will fit all that in plus returning to the attractions we liked this year unless we go for at least 1.5 days.

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Same, my four year old must meet Buzz and Woody! I don’t see how else that’ll be possible without EMM!