Disney DVC

@Len, would it be possible to have a DVC category in the forum? Someplace for questions about renting and ownership? If you do not want anyone renting points in the thread you could post it?

I am asking because I avoid the Disboards but I am seeing posts in other forums regarding total point increases in resorts with the 2020 charts. I would love a place to share questions and resources here. Regardless of the answer / thank you!


I like this idea.

I saw that too late last night and will take a look.


I think this is a great idea. Let me see if I can do it.

Sorry for the delay responding - I was at Aulani. :slight_smile:

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It looks like it’s not possible to create a “Disney Vacation Club” sub-subcategory under WDW > Accommodations in the forum. Discourse only supports categories and sub-categories; third-level categories aren’t available.

That said, Discourse recommends using hashtags for identifying sub-subcategories. I think something like #DVC would work, if that works for everyone else.

Let me know.

Update: It looks like we have to install something to the forum to support tagging. I’ve asked @david to do that. Will let you know when it’s done.

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Might have forgiven you but for those last 4 words :wink:

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The research for this job is arduous.

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I don’t know how you do it. You’re a hero.

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Given that DVC exists outside WDW, to include California and 3 non-park resorts, does it make sense for DVC to be it’s own separate category?

I suspect it would get more traffic than the Washington DC category, even though DC has its own book and DVC does not.

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Oh, great point. I didn’t think of that.

Weren’t you just at Aulani?!? :wink:


This was what I was thinking, that it would be a new category like Disney Cruise or Washington?

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Behold the new DVC category.


Yay! Thanks, Len!

More research is needed, clearly.


Thank you!

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Awesome idea @PrincipalTinker! Thank you for accommodating it @len! Welcome back to reality.