Disney Dropped my FPP for 1 day bc of MNSSHP- How they fixed it!

@DisneyChaos- how is it working out with your flight? Hope a good solution there, as you seem to have some pixiedust going for you so far, at least with the fpps situation!

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Ha! The flight is definitely a first world problem and a bigger issue, in ways, than one might guess and a very small issue in other ways.

I live in a small town with limited flights available and there are literally no other direct flights that day. An airline offered a new direct flight to Orlando and it was announced during the spring. It was an hour and a half long flight and direct but to Sandord Airport. Being a new service they had a deal running for something crazy cheap like $50 a leg. Only problem is they don’t fly on certain days and their schedule just didn’t work with our park schedule when it came to getting down there. So we decided we would drive down and my wife would fly with the kids home to get them settled in and ready for school, and I would drive home alone.

So the airline called last week and told us they canceled our flight and would no longer be offering that flight on Sunday. They said we could fly out Friday(which would cut 2 days off of our trip and is not an option) or we could fly out the following Monday, but the DD’s are already missing 4 days of school, we can’t miss more. If I put them on another airline it will not be a direct flight and it will be a 7 hour travel day as opposed to an 8.5 hour drive. Plus the tickets for the entire party cost less than $200 to fly them home, if I book with another airline now, it would be closer to $2500 at this point, for the three of them. So we will all just drive home. It is an 8.5 hour drive and we have a new Tesla so I am excited about our first road trip, but i really really liked the idea of flying 2 young, overly tired and overly indulged DD’s home on a quick flight for less than $200 for the entire party(my wife and 2 DD’s). Also, their flight left at 1:00pm which gave us time to play in the pool and eat at 1500 Fare, so in a way it does feel like we have lost a resort day as now we will have to get up early and drive everyone home and not get that character meal and pool time.

Not really a huge deal, just felt worse with back to back bad news. I guess in the end it did work out bc I was planning on stopping in Ocala when we drive down, to break the trip up just a little, and charge our car. Now we are pushing through and staying in Orlando so we can have more time for Disney Springs on day 1. Right near where we are staying is a “Fogo De Choa” Brazilian Steak house and I read their policy, “children 5 and under eat free”. My DD’s are 5 and under so silver lining is, we are having dinner at Fogo De Choa now and only two of us have to pay, so I’m pretty pumped about that. I warned you it was a first world problem :slight_smile:


They gave me 3 anytime FPS for the same rides they deleted. Obviously pleased.


Sounds like it worked out even better for you than it did me. Congrats!

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