Disney Dresses

Has anyone here worn or purchased one of the fancy ladies dresses from either Legends of Hollywood or The Dress Shop on Cherry-Tree Lane? I saw a recent WDWNT photo report with a Coco inspired dress and it caught my eye but the flamenco style is not necessarily my favorite. I have since gone down the rabbit hole with these dresses and now feel like I must have one!

There are some on ShopDisney but not many. Are there more in the stores? Are they sold in any other shops? I am potentially looking for one as a Halloween costume (Brave!) so I am kind of interested in knowing what is in the shops before I head down so that I can just make the purchase on my arrival day. Any insight or pics would be super helpful! Thank you!

I’ve bought last year’s Dress Shop Haunted Mansion dress and this year’s Inside Out romper with detachable skirt. I would have bought this year’s Haunted Mansion dress but it was released when I was not stalking the Disney online shop, and I missed out. :frowning: The quality is very good and they are really beautiful pieces.

I also bought one of the the new Loungefly Stitch Shoppe dresses (Cinderella.) Not as great quality for the price, but I kept it since we didn’t go to Disney this year.

Thank you! Do you know if a dress is no longer on ShopDisney, is out of stock in the store too? Or is the store inventory separate?

Have you looked at Her Universe or Hot Topic? Forgive me if I’ve missed the style you are after.

Torrid has a lot of disney clothing… I almost bought Ursela’s dress.


Where this w/ some Malificent horns…


So - this thread just totally incentivized my attempts to lose weight. I will reward myself with a Disney dress when I lose my goal weight!!!


It’s awesome - but too long for the parks?

Trying to recall costume rules?

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I’ve seen women in long sundresses in the park so I don’t think dress length is an issue


Thanks! I took a look at Torrid and there is some very cool stuff! I think I would be worried about the long dresses in the heat though. And I think the costume rules say no long capes, so that is probably where those sleeves could cause trouble.


Halloween rules were reposted on another thread. Dresses aren’t to go down to the ground or drag on the ground.

My sister - huge Maleficent fan - was disappointed about the down to the ground rule.
She and her DD and her DD wound up Disney bounding as Jose, Donald and Panchito.

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funny… one recent trip my husband and I thought the person who’s sundress, soaked with rain water, dragging through the puddles was silly for wearing it… it was dragging and long… so I think that rule can be skirted… hahaha punny. With real clothes maybe but not costumes?

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Her dress probably wasn’t so long when it was dry and she entered the park.


Maybe the worst thing about touring in the rain - dragging hems.

Don’t you know her dress’s hem was ruined . . .

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Another place you might want to check out is Ambrie. I am addicted. I am slowly making my whole wardrobe Disney because of this place LOL.

Oh yes! I do have them bookmarked on Instagram. Thank you.

I think I need to print out a few pictures and put them on the pantry door, on the refrigerator,…

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Love the goal setting :heart_eyes: I’m doing some calendar cheers for motivation here :wink:

I think I might get this! Cheaper than Disney!


OMG, I need this dress!

I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve seen in that other forum, the inventory appears to be separate.

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I forgot about this earlier, but I did buy this one from Torrid and love it. I have a blue bow from previous Disney bounding attempts for this look, so I’m all set.